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The Plight of Labour during Corona Crisis

The Plight of Labour during Corona Crisis

No heed on labour on a labour day

Labor Day is celebrated in May. But due to Corona virus this year, the laborer are distressed and depressed. It is very worrying. On labour day in May , every year the government makes big announcements. For the development of the labor and facilitate basic welfare to them. But this time, due to Corona virus, the whole situation has been exposed.

There are big plans on paper, but in reality there is no implementation on these plans. That is why even after independence, the condition of labours is till very grim and gloomy and developed a little.

The workers who build big buildings live in the slums themselves. They struggle throughout life for basic amenities like water, electricity and bread. After working hard throughout the day, they are unable to get bread for two times properly.

The contractor exploits them throughout life. Never pays them salary according to their hard work. Therefore, they lives under the burden of debt entire life.

Most workers in India work in unorganized sectors. Contracting practice is everywhere. Health and insurance is not given to them in private sector. There is no security for the job either. They can be fired any time by greedy contractors.

Most of the laborers of India come from poor states Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh. They works in various states of India, following his efficiency. On getting the salary, they also remit to their family in remote village. They also take care of the education of their children, having an important contribution in strengthening the economy of India.

Working in unorganized sectors make them vulnerable they are not entitled to special rights or PF deduction. Not much saving and 50% to 60% of their income is spent in food and drink.

In India, the rate of inflation in food items has been very high in the last 10 years. Due to which it has become very difficult for the poor laborer to manage their day to day food spending.

Communist parties of India also could not do anything special for the workers. The workers’ union is also getting weaker. The union has also failed to protect the interests of the workers.

Capitalism has caught everyone a lollipop. Therefore, forgetting the interests of all workers, they are working for their interests.

The sudden shutdown caused by Corona virus has broken the back of the workers. For two months, the factory and the under construction buildings have been closed.

The laborers who earn and spend daily on food, stop getting a job due to corona outbreaks. The pending salary is also not released by the contractor . They are not even able to pay the room rent. They want to go home because of not getting wages. But the government has stopped all transport services, so they are stuck jobless, cashless and hopeless as well.

Therefore, a large number of workers are going to their homes on foot, some travelling upto 500 km to 1000 km are risking their lives and going to their homes. Many are being illegally loaded into trucks.

Many trucks have crashed or overturned on the highway and many innocent and forced laborers have lost their lives.

But the labor organizations and communist parties are sitting silent. Many laborers are not getting food and water on time and they are dying due to walking in the scorching heat. Which is a matter of great concern.

The transport system made by the government has also collapsed. A long line of laborers has been started for registration. The government should make this process easy. So that laborers can be sent to the right place in a short time.

The government should serve the workers carefully because they contribute significantly to the development of the country. Even at the time of elections, the workers strengthen democracy by voting in large numbers.

I am a laborer, not helpless
I am not ashamed to say this.

The buildings that are made are magnificent,
It is our duty to honor them.

Workers also have the same rights as us,
Do not disturb them and insult them.

There is ruthless treatment with workers,
And we forget that they also have worlds

Sleeps by laying newspapers on the pavement,
The worker never eats sleeping pills.

Who saw the mother eating dry loaves in loneliness,
So the children threw away and started earning money.

Sometimes I make yarn, sometimes I make cloth.
I am a laborer who makes bricks for the house.

Blood drips from my forehead as I sweat,
In the sun of May, when I make a relationship with the sun.

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