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Woman the door of heaven or hell?

Woman the door of heaven or hell?

You are born by woman and choice is given

Tulsidas had said that the woman is the gate to hell, which distances the human from God. 

In the olden times, even the great sages were afraid of the woman as she can dissolve their years of penance in a moment.

In my view, woman is the door to both heaven and hell and it depends on you how you use the life given by the woman. 

Woman is very powerful, there is no doubt on this. 

Goddess mother Kali is the sovereign power of this universe, which is within the form of the darkness in the entire universe. 

Knowledge of the Supreme God and Kundalini cannot be attained without mother Kali’s grace. 

Indian scripture also described the empowerment of woman. The Divine Trinity tests Anasuya.

Once Sage Narada praised Anusuya in his hymns and verses, by which Laxmi, Parvati and Saraswati wanted to learn pativratya (faithful wife) from Anusaya.

They requested their husbands (Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh) to go to ask her permission so that they could visit her in human form.

The Divine Trinity went to Anusuya disguised as sages and asked permission for their wives in the form of bhiksha, on the condition that she would be naked while serving them.

She was perplexed, but ultimately understood who they were because of her yogic powers.

She turned them into 6-month-old babies and removed her clothes to feed them with motherly affection.

Many days passed as the three goddesses waited for their husbands to return.

When the husbands did not return, they traveled to Anusuya’s cottage and found them transformed into children.

The Goddesses requested Anusuya to bring them back to normal.

All these things conclude that the woman is indeed very powerful and if woman empowered she can even overpower to supreme Trinity.

Woman is the door to heaven because woman gives birth to a man and makes him the master of unlimited possibilities to become good like celestial God or become bad like Satan or devil. 

All great men like Buddha, Nanak, Kabir, Muhammed, Ram, Krishna, Jesus all came from the womb of women and developed this world through their positive thoughts.

All cruel person like Genghis Khan, Hitler, Mussolini, Muhammed Ghazni were also brought into this world by women and they destroyed this world by their wrongdoings.

The battle of Mahabharata was fought due to Draupati, in which thousands of brave men died.

Karna was always deprived of his mother’s love and this hatred continued in his mind. Woman’s beauty also caused many wars. Thousands of soldiers were killed in war  raged between Aluddin Khilji and Ratan Singh due to Rani Padmavati.

Many ascetics are doing austerities in the Himalayas for salvation by getting a life from a woman.

A number of male spiritual mentors getting public connected to almighty God by teaching them meditation. They are also born by women.. 

Many people are wasting their lives by falling into the business of prostitution and booze. They are also born by women.

Women have many forms and people indulge in good and bad forms according to their destiny and karma.

As a mother, sister and wife, the woman makes us aware of many life experiences and understands the difference between the internal and external world and by birth give us a golden opportunity to transform our life in an unprecedented way.

Unfortunately, in India, imaginary Lakshmi is worshiped for wealth, while Lakshmi as a girl is killed inside the womb and when born, a male dominated society tortures her mentally and physically.

Today’s unconditional real love is almost missing for woman in man dominant society.

Woman is seen as an enjoyment and sex object in TV, cinema and advertisement. It is very demeaning and deteriorating the image of woman in society.

Therefore, the woman is the door to both heaven or hell, it depends on you whether you want to choose the heaven door like  Mahatama Ghandhi or  hell door like Hitler.

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