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War of Words between fundamentalists & UAE Princess Hind Al Qasimi

War of Words between fundamentalists & UAE Princess Hind Al Qasimi

Religious Fundamentalism and Spiritualism

UAE Princess Hind Al Qasimi recently posted an old video of her visit to the Savarna temple in Chennai on social media, and she soon came under attack from fundamentalists.

She soon started trolling on social media and the fundamentalists started calling her a Kafir. The fundamentalists said that all this is forbidden.

However, the princess gave a befitting reply to the fundamentalists and said that she respects the religion of her and others. 

The princess said that I have done no wrong by visiting the temple, nor have I left my religion.

Therefore, it should not be made a matter of concern. I just went to visit the temple. I liked the Golden Temple of Chennai very much. she also saw the idol of all the Goddess-Goddesses.

She said that there is a lot of religion in India and everyone has the freedom to worship according to their own. The princess said that Hindus in India worship the cow and consider it very sacred.

The princess told that despite being a Muslim, I worshiped in the temple and I felt a wonderful energy there. I saw the mountains of Puducherry in India. I went to the fields. I bought a sari and bindi. I traveled to the Golden Temple. I have Eaten on banana leaves. The princess told that the entire temple was made of gold.

I am Muslim but went to share prayers with people. In the temple I saw Lakshmi, Shiva, Hanuman and also poured water on them.

I pray for my country and people prosperity. I was very impressed with the architecture of the temple and the structure of the gold temple fascinated me. I met new friends and had dinner with them. Talked to them on culture and religion. what’s wrong with that?’

India has very good political relations with the United Arab Emirates. The business relationship between the two countries is also progressing.

In Abu Dhabi, Hindi has become the third official language used in courts.

According to official figures, the total population of the UAE is 9 million and two-thirds of it is migrant.

 There are 2.6 million Indians among these migrants. It is 30 percent of the total population and it is the largest part of the migrants.

The people of Kerala are the largest community in the UAE. Every year millions of people moved from India to here. 

According to recent statistics, Indians are the largest tourists visiting Dubai. Dubai-based company DP World and Emaar have major investments in India, on the other hand Indian companies have also made Dubai their center.

Keeping the UAE market in mind, the crop will also be grown in India according to the needs of there. 

Both countries are dependent on each other for many business things. India supplies its energy needs with the UAE and in turn supplies food items to it.

All these disputes go on in life. We are all one and we should respect all religions.

There is no place for bigotry in this era of globalization. People travel all over the world now. 

Understand each other’s culture. It is a matter of heightened pride to respect one another’s religion, which leads to renunciation of arrogance and bigotry.

Every religion teaches kindness and compassion. A new phase has now started across the world.

People are moving towards spiritualism leaving religious fundamentalism. 

Which shows a sense of love and compassion towards the religions and human beings of the whole world. 

In this era of modernism, fundamentalists cannot say that my way is highway.

Just as we do not discriminate in the use of things in the outside world based on religion, which religion scientist made television, plane, mobile and computer. Irrespective of scientist religion we use the devise.

Similarly, we should respect all religions. So that, peace and prosperity can be developed worldwide among human being.

We have already suffered two world wars due to hatred, religious and ethnic differences.

Therefore, this is the right time that all religions should be respected and religious bigotry and egoism should be kept far away from our life.  Peace and harmony should be maintained in the world.

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