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War of Monopoly between Youtube & Tiktok on Internet Platform

War of Monopoly between Youtube & Tiktok  on Internet Platform

Youtube and Tiktok’s growing controversy

Technology is changing very fast in the world. Therefore, doing R&D and providing the best and sustainable services to the customer needs and intentions has become the priority of the company nowadays.

Google is a living example of this. Google has been doing R&D continuously for the last twenty years. It is one step ahead of its customers’ thinking. 

Google has become the most successful and sustainable company in the world by continuously working on the quality of services. For the past twenty years no major competitor of Google has come in the market.

For some time Youtube and Tiktok, which are video streaming platforms, have been fighting for the war of monopoly. Because Tiktok is growing rapidly and left Fackbook, Youtube and instagram far behind in a short time and bring in an unprecedented challange for them.

Youtube information

Youtube is a video viewing website, in which registered members can upload video as well as watch video clips. It was created in February 2005 by three former PayPal employees, Chad Hurley, Steve Chan and Javed Karim, which Google bought in November 2006 for US $ 1.65 billion.

YouTube allows its registered members to upload, watch, share videos, add as favorite videos, report, comment and subscribe to other members’ channels. There are videos from members to many big companies. These include video clips, TV programs, music videos, film trailers, live streams etc. Some people also use it as video blogging. Non-registered members can only watch videos, while registered members can upload unlimited videos and add comments to videos.

Some videos, which include defamation, harassment, nudity, crime-inducing videos or anything that is fatal to people under the age of 18, can only be viewed by registered members of age 18+.

YouTube earns its revenue from Google Adsense, which shows its ad according to the content and audience of the site. Most of the videos can be watched for free, but some videos have to be paid to watch. One of these includes borrowing and watching movies, in which you can watch the film by paying some money. You can also pay a subscription to YouTube Premium, so that you can watch many videos without any advertisements, as well as there are some videos on YouTube Premium that you can only watch by purchasing a subscription of YouTube Premium.

TikTok Information

TikTok is a digital application. TikTok is a Chinese company formed in 2012.

This application allows users to create 3 to 15 seconds of short music and lip-sync videos. It is popular in Asia, the United States and other parts of the world.

In 2018, it became the most downloaded app in the US. It was the first Chinese app to do so. As of TikTok 2018, it is available in more than 150 markets and 75 languages.

The TikTok mobile app allows you to create a short video of your own. In which you can also add music and dialogue according to your choice. There are a variety of trends within Tiktok, including mimes, lip-synced songs and comedy. Duets, a feature that allows users to add their video to existing videos with audio of original content, has led to the majority of these being trending.

TikTok also had to go through many controversies. On April 2019, the Madras High Court while hearing a PIL asked the Indian government to ban Tiktok citing “encouraging pornography”. The court also said that children using the app can target children for sex. On 17 April 2019, both Google and Apple removed TikTok from Google Play and the App Store. Subsequently, tiktok said that he had removed more than 6 million videos that violated his content policy and guidelines.

Youtube Vs TikTok Controversy Explained

The controversy of TikTok vs YouTube is now taking a new turn every day. A dispute started a few days ago between Kairi Minati (Ajay Nagar) and Aamir Siddiqui. In which they are roasting each other.

After this, many other veterans have also joined this war and criticizing each other. For some years, TikTok has been giving tough competition to youtube on the video platform.

Especially in India, its young users have grown in huge quantities. Youtube is also soon coming up with a short video platform to give Tiktok a tough competition.

The number of youth in India is very high. Tiktok has a large entertainment platform of its own. In which youngsters want to show their talent of any kind by making short videos. Tiktok has many short videos of singing, dancing and comedy which are very popular among the youth. Although the level of some videos is very low. They are shown of vulgarity and street swells. Tiktok needs to motivate youth to make some really good knowledgeable video.

Despite this, Tiktok is rapidly gaining ground among the youth.

The dispute between Kairi Minati (Ajay Nagar) and Aamir Siddiqui proved to be a boon for the owners of Tiktok.  The company’s market value grew by 33%. The value of the company crossed 100 billion.

Two things are trending highly among the youth, education and entertainment. If seen now, entertainment is more occupied by Tiktok platform. Because through the short video, the youth want to be popular among their friends and the people around them. They get a self pleasure/gratification by making short videos.

On the big cinema screen, being popular and getting instant fame is only possible for big movie stars. Through Tiktok, a common man is also turning his imagination into reality. Like after the arrival of Karaoke technology, everyone can sing and feel the music very deeply.

But the quality of the videos on Tiktok is not good compared to Youtube right now. Youtube and Google are a sea of ​​knowledge where Tiktok is like a drop. Tiktok is aware of this fact and it too has ventured into the field of education. In June 2019, the company introduced the hash tag #Edutok which received 37 billion views. After this development, the company started a partnership with EdTech Start Ups to create educational content on the platform.

Customers should definitely benefit from the battle of Tiktok Vs Youtube. To remove the dispute, both companies should promote videos made on good topics. So that the young generation develops and does not waste its time on pointless, vague and provocative content.

Because binge watching is also an addiction getting solid grip on youth. Therefore, a break message after 90 minutes and 2 hours are seen and pop up on both platforms.

The young generation is also getting addicted to the web series on Amazon Prime and netflix and sometimes they watch these web series on the phone constantly for 6 to 7 hours. Which is harmful for health.

Google and Youtube are the best companies in the world, known for their quality and constant innovation.

Therefore, it will be their great responsibility to give the right direction to this dispute. As Youtube and Tiktok subscribers switching will befor a short time due to controversies, roasting obscenity and street snatching.

But the long race will be won by a unique and good video provider, which will promote something new in a civilized manner for the society and the customers.

A holistic approach is needed on these platform for the development of all sections of society, especially for women, who are being directly and indirectly exploited on the Internet platform.

On most internet, TV show, movies platform, women are mostly shown in terms of enjoyment and sex object.

Which affects the minds of the youth and there is a downside in their thinking towards women. They see her only as an sexual indulgence and there is an increase in sexual offenses.

It would be interesting to see in the coming times, how these giants will lead the youth by promoting simple, good and informative content or just keep relying on controversy cheap content to quickly increase subscriber and revenue.

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