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Venus alias Lucifer The Planet of Opulence & Sexuality

Venus alias Lucifer The Planet of Opulence & Sexuality

In Vedic astrology Venus is the most important plant in universe which predominantly represent Diabolism, Dark World, Neoism, Wealth & luxurious life, out of box or creative thinking, unconventional method of attaining success in capitalist world.

Venus also called Shukra is a son of Bhrigu of third Manu, one of Saptarishi. He is also a mentor of demons called Shukracharya  or Asuracharya .

He is very powerful in this age of downfall (Kalyug).

It is said that he has Sanjivini Vidya the knowledge that raises the dead back to life. Venus is most beautiful planet.

Gender Female, joyful, charming in physique, has beautiful brilliant eyes, is a poet with curly hairs. Variegated blue complexion. Watery, raajsick, phlegmatic and windy in nature.

White color clothes represent this planet.

It also represents  Marriage, attractive robes and clothes, jewelries , sexual desires, youthfulness,  physical luxuries, luxurious  vehicles, Poetry’s, Music, Cinema, Actor, Actress, Beauty products, fashion, modeling, beauty and grandeur, black  hairs, curly hairs,

Oblique vision, hotels, photography, Face, eye sight, all reproductive secretions ,reproductive organs, excretory system of the body, glands of tears, beard, cheek, squint, glandular secretion,

Endocrine system, facial glow, teeth, immunity system of our body, acidulous taste, gram, white rice, rhythmic sound, perfumes, scents, ittars, Deodorants are all Venusian.

Venus is the lord of Taurus and Libra sign.

It is exalted in sign of Pisces and debilitated in sign of Virgo. If you have weak Venus and getting problem in marriage.

You should worship Venus and chant the mantra of Shukra. Amazingly, even Juipter the mentor of celestial is foe of Venus but as both are mentor no matter demons or celestial the Venus is exalted in sign of Pisces.

Mercury and Saturn are Venus friends while sun and moon are enemy of Venus. Constellation of venus is  Bharni, Poorvphalguni , Poorvashadh .

it also related to  floral ,creepy plants and trees

Venus has governance over bedrooms, places of sexual activity, and places that are meant for fulfilling lustful actions, places of dance etc.

In this Kalyug (Age of Downfall) the Venus is the strongest planet and without blessing of Venus. Opulence cannot be attained the parameters of success in this Kalyug (Age of Downfall).

Underworld and all unethical activities come under Venus influence. Venus is also a mentor cum advisor of demon forces and always guide them to overcome celestial forces in a manipulated way.

Venus also represents muladhar chakra and all sexual activities.  Venus is created by almighty God and also represents Maya (illusion).

It is body-conscious and finds pleasure in marrying, drinking, shopping luxury items and having sex.

It is a great hindrance in spiritual path and it can only be overpowered by meditation or constant praying to God.

Venus love eating meat and that’s why day by day in this Kalyuga the meat-eater population has been sharply increased.

Venus represents rich people and rich people consume more meat products than poor people.

Venus does not follow conventional rules & regulations of this world, as he is a mentor of demons, so by hook or crook or any unethical maneuvering he gets his desired outcome.

Venus desire is insatiable and it is like a salt water of sea the more you drink the thirstier you become.

It is believed that in ancient time there was a king who was very lusty and sexual and had sex with multiple partners till the age of 80 but still unsatisfied.

His son was a spiritual and Yogi Person and possessed supernatural power and given 1000 years to his father having constantly sex. However, it is believed that after 1000 years of having non-stop sex the king was remained unsatisfied, incredibly.

Even people know that real bliss comes from spirituality but due to influence of Venus and illusion created by Rahu the disciple of Venus in recent times most of the people are running behind sex and luxury which gives momentary pleasure and far away from real happiness. 

Following Venus is this current era is mandatory for human being for survival but excess of it sometimes like a bubblegum initial sweet but later on the more you chew get headache.

I personally believe that both Venus and Jupiter are the important part of human life and we need to make the solid balance to get the blessing of both in a proper balanced manner,.

As ultimately both are spiritual mentor teaches conventional or unconventional methods to live life and finally get us connected to almighty God by Yog (spritulity) or Bhog(Sexuality).  

Om Shukray Namah: Om Shukray Namah: Om Shukray Namah: Om Shukray Namah:

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