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Vedic Astrology is a Science or an Art

Vedic Astrology is a Science or an Art

Astrologers are not perfect like God and occasionally they can predict incorrectly.

Astrology is an ancient Indian science provided by our great spiritual sages for mankind.

Sometimes predictions don’t work, as predication depends on the experience of the astrologer and the data provided to him.

Astrology is a vast subject, written in ancient times and the world has changed a lot since then.

In all fields, including astrology, we need data to make correct decisions. In this century, things have changed drastically due to scientific discovery and industrial revolution.

Capitalism, communism and socialism have all been adopted by the world economy to drive countries and people.

Therefore, it is hard to put all astrological prediction into one fixed scenario with a fixed rule for all people and countries when they are all very different.

Astrology should be developed and changed as per the current time so that it can grow and help to provide more accurate predictions.

For example, under British Rule, India was divided by caste-ism and totally dependent on the agricultural sector.

More than 90% of people were living in villages based on caste system.

Therefore, it was hard to predict that a high class Brahman could go through a debilitated Saturn mahadasha, sade sati or having a hard time getting a proper name, fame and wealth, etc.

As most of The Brahmans was prosperous in their villages and their income was far better compared to other classes.

Similarly, it would be highly unlike for a low class farmer to go through an exalted Jupiter period and suddenly gain a name, fame and wealth as most of the farmers were deprived of the basic amenities at that time, no matter whether Jupiter was exalted or debilitated.

Now, the times have changed due to urbanization and many people are working in the service sector so predication techniques should be different compared to those used during British rule or even earlier times.

For example, during modern time, if someone has Gajkesri Yog, he is certainly not going to get an elephant, but he might get a good monetary benefit.

Now, all classes or people are working together in city, they have equal opportunity to experience a downfall or gain prosperity.

Worldwide economy runs on the rule of demand and supply. Suppose, for a government job, there are 100 applicants and 20 of them have a very good Sun,the significator for government job.

However, it is certain that the job will be taken by one person. So what about the other 19?

Moreover, there may one thousand astrologers in India with different opinions for predication. However, they do not use the same pitch, no matter whether they have exalted or debilitated planets, as it is impossible to overcome supply and demand mismatch on earth.

This is not just for astrology, but applicable in all fields.

The resources on earth are limited and when population grows, demand for these resources are increased rapidly.

Therefore, in my opinion, astrology is a vast subject, and a lot of research and development is required to study this subject intensively, as per modern requirement or demand.

There are thousands of combinations for predictions in astrology and the human mind has a limited capability to remember all these combinations.

As a result, we need a highly developed lab or software where we can store the data of million people across many countries in order to understand how this world and the planets are associated with each other.

On the contrary, ripping people off and making them scared because of evil planets is not going to expand and develop modern astrology.

I think astrology is  a precious knowledge given by our experienced and talented sages, but most astrologers would rather focus on business and money than on contributing to the advancement of astrology.

Unless we make astrology fully developed with a customer-oriented initiative, astrology will not be developed as per modern criteria.

In this world, god has given us dualism, which is very important to drive this world, like good-bad, form-non-form of God, rich-poor, healthy-unhealthy, married-unmarried, theist- atheist and success-failure.

Hence, we have to accept that astrologers are human beings and sometimes they predict incorrectly. The same goes for politicians, economists and scientists, who may also fail due to bad predictions or planning.

A new approach can be developed by accepting failure and criticism in astrological prediction.

In summary, a lot of R&D is needed along with a huge amount of “Big Data” to develop a new predication technique as per the current atmosphere.

I have been learning astrology and not very experienced in this field.

These are just my point of views. Therefore, I would appreciate your insightful comment on this topic.

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