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Upcoming elections and price of crude oil game changer for Modi

Upcoming elections and price of crude oil game changer for Modi

Modi and evil planets Saturn and Rahu trapping he will be dancing with tune

After the corona virus outbreak, falling prices of crude oil have caused a disturbance in the whole world. 

However, it is good for India because we import about 70% crude oil. This crude oil slowdown will reduce our revenue deficit.

America, Russia, Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Gulf countries are completely dependent on the export of crude oil, so this recession will be very grim and gloomy for their economy. 

The loss will be the highest for America because its crude oil prices have gone below 0%. Saudi and Russia are also fighting oil war and not ready to decrease oil production.

If the production of oil is not decreasing by OPEC countries, then the demand for crude oil is very low and the supply is very high due to which most of the oil company is on the verge of bankruptcy. 

Someone has said that if you want to control the countries, control the oil, and if you want to control the people, then control the food.

It seems that this war has started. This slowdown in crude oil will also be challenging for Reliance Industries.

Assembly elections are going to be held in many states in India. The government is counting on its achievements how in the last six years they tried their best to bring the economy back on track. 

Opposition parties are accusing and criticizing the government for not taking strident measure to curb Corona virus and unable to create ample job for youth in last six years. 

Although the Corona epidemic has given some relief to the government that the world is in a phase of economic recession as the demon like Corona virus is stalling world economy.

However, the youth is frustrated and as before election hollow promises were being made by politicians and also shown daily through the medium of TV commercials like good days ahead, a good job, a good house and a car, they all seem to be a ruse and fantasy world without a reality of generating employment for youth.

Indians are intelligent but believe in astrology a lot, ever since there has been a slowdown in the employment sector in the country, the flood of astrologers has come. 

As all have been struggling to survive in this economic upheaval and most of the youth looking for a government job and financial stability.

People are afraid of Rahu, Ketu and Shani evil plants.

Therefore, evil plants are being worshiped a lot. Their mentor Lucifer ( Guru Shukracharya) is also very happy that we have a lot of glory in the age of downfall (Kalyug)  and India where the population is more than 1 billion.

According to the demand and supply rules, some people will have to be poor even no matter if they continue to worship all planets (Navagraha) throughout their life.

However faith is a personal matter and I do believe in Vedic astrology and also meditate on the worship of God.

But there is a difference of ground and sky between faith and superstition. Saturn (Shani Maharaj) is the most powerful planet in Kalyug. In Vedic astrology, he is related to Crude Oil. 

Ironically, I feel very sad that Indians have been worshiping  Saturn planet (Shani Maharaj) for centuries which represent crude oil as well, but you have given all the crude oil to the Gulf countries.

We have been worshipping Saturn and Sheikh in gulf countries have been extracting oil. It is totally unfair. 

Dinosaurs also did not support us, they cleaned and grazed in India’s jungle and died in the Gulf countries, which made crude oil after centuries.

The situation in the Gulf countries and India was the same in the fifties, but post independence due to crude oil discovery, they become richer and per capita income of the gulf countries people has sharply increased.

The whole world is eager to get crude oil and indirect wars are taking place all over the world. 

The increased population in India and China is increasing the demand for crude oil. However, the situation is changing now due to falling prices of crude oil.

Saturn is placed at the center house in Modiji’s horoscope, which is considered good, so when Modiji came in power in 2014, Saturn supported Modji  a lot  as the price of crude oil was around $ 50 per barrel.

 Lower prices reduced the fiscal deficit and inflation.

But in the middle, the price of crude oil has increased by $ 80 per barrel, which was a matter of concern for Modiji and Amit Shah. 

But now the prices of crude oil are on lowest level and the government can use it to reduce the losses occurred due to corona virus.

Saturn (crude oil) is very influential for Indian economy and affect everything.

A marginal up and down in crude oil price put huge impact on all economy and business activities in India especially food items on which 70% of Indian people depend and  actually they vote basis on food inflation . 

Therefore, in the upcoming assembly elections, Rahu in the form of Corona may not have mercy on Modaji as corona virus cases is still increasing sharply nationwide,

But perhaps Saturn (Shani Maharaj) will definitely have his grace as crude oil prices are all time low.

Modiji is proficient in foreign policy and have good command on articulation and rhetoric speech.

Considering the increasing demand for energy in India.

He has successfully visited the Gulf countries and develops a strong relationship with all OPEC countries especially with Iran and Saudi Arabia for which he deserves praise. 

Being a vintage buyer India has stronghold in middle-east oil regions.

Therefore time to time getting blessing of Saturn Modiji needs to visit Shani Shingnapur where Saturn temple is located and must worship and pray Saturn ( Shani Maharaj) to keep crude oil price all time low for a longer time that do not fluctuate much. 

Anyway, Surprisingly, Rahul Gandhi also visited many temples in between during election. 

Ironically, some superstitious Indian people think that planets are responsible for pain and problems in their .

There is nothing to do with economy and the government policies or insufficient governance. 

If Saturn Shani Maharaj is happy with the worship of Modiji the price of crude oil remains low.

The price of black items related to Saturn like made of iron, wool, oil, gas, coal, carbon, leather, parts of machines Import of petrol, stones, sesame will be reduced, things will be cheaper and revenue of the country will increase.

This article is dedicated to Saturn (Shani Maharaj), who is the God of justice and gives fruits according to karma.

This world cannot run longer without crude oil and the grace of Saturn.

 Let us wait and watch to see to whom saturn (Shani Maharaj) makes the king or pauper in the upcoming elections and how his disciple Rahu, who is spreading terror of Corona virus affects the upcoming assembly elections. Meanwhile, keep worshiping Saturn to avoid obstacles and hindrances from life.

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