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Upcoming assembly election challenge for Narendra Modi and Amit Shah

Upcoming assembly election challenge for Narendra Modi and Amit Shah

Rhetoric Vs Reality

Assembly elections are going to be held in many states of India.

Right now the entire country is affected by Corona virus. People are confined and locked in the houses as per the rule of the government.

There is a serious threat to both the managing day to day bread & butter and employment of the people.

The government is in a dilemma to save the lives of the people or the employment.

The government is a tricky position how to resolve this matter without affecting the employment and health of people.

The population of India is above 1 billion, in which most people belong to the working class who earn and spend on food every day.

The lower working class people are migrating in a large quantities from the cities and giving them basic facilities will be a herculean task for the government, which can further cut the votes of the present government in upcoming assembly elections.

If the corona epidemic is not controlled properly.

Narendra Modi and Amit Shah who is also called modern Chanakya. Both are busy in preparing strategy for the great battle.

They have to fight very hard to the corona virus, the Congress and the opposition party, whom are involving in non-stop criticism of government failure to tackle the corona outbreak situation in a proper manner.

There is no doubt that Modiji is a very strong, diligent and talented leader. 

He is Sachin Tendulkar of BJP and the team expects him to hit a century every time in the upcoming elections.

Like once the Indian cricket team was completely dependent on Sachin, BJP is completely dependent on Modiji for the upcoming elections and for Corona crisis resolution.

Sachin played the big fast-bowlers with great ease and skill. Modji also got the big fast bolwers like corona epidemic, inflation, unemployment, black money, social security, corruption, terrorism, farmer & Dalit growth and advancement and security of the country.

Will have to play with caution and alertness otherwise possibilities of losing his precious wicket.

However, Indian voters are greatly influenced by hysterical ornaments, hyped advertisements, jumlas and rhetoric speeches.

It is promoted by paid media channel.

Once in a while, Modiji like a marketing folks make unrealistic promises to the public to win the party election trapping public in future prosperity web.

After winning the election when the promise is not fulfilled by the concerned person the public feels cheated and disappointed.

It is understandable that public is away from reality and daydreaming if the promise is not fulfilled. 

In reality, if the public understands the rules of simple demand and supply, then it is not possible to give 100% water, electricity security, fuel, petrol, roads, and employment to over 1 billion people in a short time. 

Only Rajinikanth can do this miracle in his 3-hour movie.

But most of the Indian voters are illiterate and emotional, so they forget about the reality of the economy and trapped in the unrealistic promises of the leaders. 

However, in the last six years Modiji has worked tirelessly for the development of the country by implementing scheme like Jan Dhan Yojana, implementation of GST across the country, Make in India, cheap loans to poor and their self-sufficiency, strong foreign policy, and zero tolerance on terrorism. 

But just as everything has its positive and negative aspects, similarly the Modi government could not work as expected in generating employment, the result of which will be seen in the upcoming elections. 

The corona epidemic has also hit Modiji’s 56 inch chest very badly.

Unfortunately, the Indian people is far ahead in producing children, the Modi government is  far behind in generating ample employment or in gathering the right employment related data. 

The last kneel on coffin hit by Corona virus which has already slowdown the country growth and employment.

So jobs are elusive especially for youth.

RBI has infused a lot of capital in the market, but first it should be given to the lower working class people, later the fund should be indirectly given to the share market, banks and to the capitalists and businessmen.

The economy will be rebounded if the consumption of lower class is accelerated.

Most of the voters of the country are young and if they get the right employment and direction, then they will support the progress of the country. 

Jobless, youth can deviate from the mainstream, indulge in drug addiction and terrorism. 

Therefore, Make in India should be developed properly, so that employment dependency of agriculture and service sector can be ended.

India is a country of diversities and the Indian Constitution gives citizens of every religion the right to live with equality.

 But some upper class people want to impose their ideology and ideals on the lower classes, which is a murder of sheer democracy. 

Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas (development for every region of India) Modiji’s ideology should be implemented in every situation.

Nowadays media is the most powerful medium to take the complaints of the general public to the government, so the freedom of media should not be taken away. 

Independent media is a sign of strong democracy.

Journalists should also not engaged in the private gain and priority should be given  to the national interest, public issues and problems should be highlighted, and grouping and a particular religious or caste appeasement to be avoided for TRP. 

However, nowadays the media is mostly engaged in doing Hindu-Muslim, diverting from the main issues.

Modaji has immense power to lead the country, but just as a small hole sinks a big ship, the wave of radical Hinduttva ideology can be dangerous for BJP. 

According to the constitution in India, Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christian and Dalits all have equal rights and all are partners in the development of the country, so it is the duty of the government to respect everyone and protect their rights.

The development of a particular strong person, religion, society, ideology will not lead to the welfare of the country, nor will the per capita income of the country increase, which is less than $ 2700 even after 70 years of independence. 

First employment should be promoted later on religion.

As religion does not provide food to the poor. And poorer are not religious because the whole day goes into managing a day meal for family.

Hungry country or people cannot be religious or spiritual so focus is to be given on proper food arrangement of people.

Perhaps the farmers and the low working class people of  country relying badly  hoping that Modiji will solve their problems with their modern policies and will save them from the demon like suicide and will also liberate the country from Corona virus.

Needless to say that Narendra Modi is the strongest leader in the world and know the resolution of all crisis and there is no doubt in his capability and strong leadership, but promise to be made in reality not in rhetoric way to win the confidence of common voter.

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