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Transformation of Ego

Transformation of Ego

Ego is the most powerful in term of over-believing in ourselves to transform anything. 

Self-believing is that “I can do it” ego is that “ only I can do it” Time to time circumstances test us for showing our hidden potential and there is a thin line between Ego and Self-Esteem.

In Hindu methodologies there are ample of stories showing a true character of a person during odd circumstances.

For instance, Lord Shiva who is a supreme God. He worshiped lord Ayappa  who is incarnation of Lord Vishnu & Shiva.

It is hard to believe that supreme God himself worshiping his own form to show human beings to get higher devotion & discipline you must renounce ego completely.

Lord Vishnu has different reincarnation but all are different and oppose each other ideologies in an unprecedented way. 

 They show that there is always a feasibility of reform in any components. No matter whether it is supreme power or a mediocre one.

Lord Ram was very loyal, strict and discipline person in terms of adhering rules & regulations formed by society.

However, Lord Krishna believes in manipulating & maneuvering to get desired result or to defeat evil.

Therefore, it is also shown by God that change is inevitable and world is constantly driven by variation of universe. 

 Ego is very deep in human being and doesn’t want die seeking gratification in formal foundation.

It is hard for us to come out of our comfort zone and accepting change in our around as we are slave of our habits and old habits die hard, slowing but surely by introspecting deeper inside ego can be defeated and life can be totally transformed through inner wisdom.

Ego is very judgmental and it is a database of a mind which works on a past experience.

A new inning is hardly accepted by Ego. Suppose, in a small village some people are so addicted or used to product like Colgate or lifebuoy.

It is hard for them to accept any new product no matter how good in quality or cost even above product are best in all across world (dopamine impact).

Black people are not accepted by white people due to stereotype notion which is taught by their ancestors.

Racism, discrimination, defamation of a particular poor class and are result of supreme ego and narcissism.

Peace, kindness, harmony, respecting and accepting all human beings regardless of their race should be our fundamental nature, but ego creates a great barrier to be totally ignorant, overlooking apathy of oppressed class.

In result, country, leader, economist, business leader all are fighting with each other to prove their supremacy and humanity is kept asides.

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