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The Writer’s Thesaurus- The Most Powerful Thousands of Ready-to-Use Perfect Phrases for Essays, Articles, Blogs, Novels, Reports, and Stories Writing

The Writer’s Thesaurus- The Most Powerful Thousands of Ready-to-Use Perfect Phrases for Essays, Articles, Blogs, Novels, Reports, and Stories Writing

Writing is essential to success in the real and professional world. To develop the writing skills one needs constant practice. Also, writing skills are most important to workplace success. Undoubtedly, Good Writing is an achievable goal.

The most powerful phrases are written and designed to give students, readers and writers an opportunity to use writing as a way to explore their thoughts and feelings. A writer needs something with a little more eloquence and expressive power, a word or phrase that can articulate ideas, feelings and thoughts in a simple and effective way.

I hope that readers will find these golden ready to use phrases useful and entertaining.

Novels, short stories and blog writing phrases

An expression of a false calm, A better place for everyone, Wearing a long black overcoat, A romance with a policeman, A hundred thousand readers, A lift in a warm car on a cold morning, A little plump, A sense of disappointment, At the back of the building, A couple of year ago,  Put a sheet of paper into the typewriter, Millions of men looking for job in Germany,  A little scream of fear, A small crowd,  For a moment nothing happens, A well-built young man, A stolen jar of coffee, A charge of assaulting the police, A communist magazine,  A movie star,  A handsome face, A boxing club, A matter of debating and voting,  A feminist newspaper,  Make a living,  A marvelous opportunity, A bright young assistant, A growing economy, A hundred men standing in line for one advertised job, A minority government, A taste of their own medicine

A blond man with delicate features and a cheerful smile, A fair election, An unforgiving man,  A small place for working men,  A temporary setback,  Replaced by bullying and beating, A handful of policemen, A foul smell of wet ashes,  Keep people at  a safe distance, Jew-hating propaganda, A slim dark-haired man, A hectic time, A sign of inefficiency,  A drug addict & user of whores, A dusty cupboard,  A paramilitary wing,  A democratic political meeting,  A few affluent supporters ,  A small upper class minority, A massive punch, A jolt of savage pleasure, A front row seat, A swastika armband, A patriotic soldier, A great big crowd,  A terrible backache,  A lot of working-class people, A waiting room,  A young woman with a baby, A Jewish doctor in his brown shirt,  A mixture of fascination and revulsion, A thoughtful moment, A repressive dictatorship, A right-wing bastion  

A hundred businessmen, a normal question,  A privileged group,  A thin face with pointed nose, A permanent scandal,  A tone of exasperation,  A pay cut, A fair price,  A loan to pay, A right-wing group,  A plan for an armed insurrection,  A machine gun battalion,  Stay ahead of the curve,  It’s just a matter of knowing, I am in despair,  A little money from her,  Cost a lot of money, I am usually bit shy with girls, A year younger at fourteen,  A group of a dozen youngsters, A uniformed chauffeur, A couple of weeks, Papa drinking a cocktail & mama smoking a cigarette,  A capacity of deep passion,  An expert on women, A likable guy,  A little drunk,  An embarrassing scene, A legitimate  businessman,  A constant reminder of humiliating episode, A clever and ambitious girl,  A declaration of love, A minute later,  A bunch of friends,  A deliberate provocation,  A little room with counter, A man of distinction, losing money all summer,  The price is dropping,  A sure sign, A gracious withdrawal,  A cheap suit, A broad-shouldered, A playful look, Make a girl feel safe,  This is a set-up,  A borrowed speedboat

A smell of spicy cooking, A shrewd intelligence,  A cloud of happiness,  A lowered voice, A terrible thing, A gesture of support,  A sunny Saturday afternoon,  A backhanded complaint,  A perfectly knotted tie, A big help,  A voice of full sadness,  A warm day,  A clear and logical speaker, Keep a lookout,  A fairer society,  A collective decision, A calm and reassuring voice, Jailing people without trial ,  A burn on her skin, A pretty girl, High-ranking people,  Telling a lie,  A timid creature,  Good-looking middle-aged man,  A slight limp,  Marry a divorcee, An unfussy tailored,  full of speculation,  A passage led to courtyard,  A university student,  Low-paid organizer,  A few days off from the work,  A series of lectures by left-wing, A good debating point,  A trained nurse,  An attempted military coup backed by fascists,  A danger of military coup,  A firing squad,  A shallow socialite, throw your life away, A stocky middle-aged man, A dissipated way, 

A half-Jewish German girl, A middle-aged performer,  A direct look,  A familiar song,  A mild electric shock, A penniless socialist,  A grand building,  A great job, A military family, A shooting party, A Friday morning,  A glimpse of the promise land,  Life in a cold marriage,  A spacious bedroom with a view of misty mountaintops. A try of crystal glasses, A pair of shiny black shoes, loose-fitting trousers,  A prick-teaser, A similar accusation, Sink or swim,  Upper-class English people, A feeling of dissatisfaction, At the wedding breakfast,  A long moment of silence,  Robbing families, beating old men and outraging young women, lining fathers and brothers up against the wall to be shot,  A self-fulfilling prophecy,  A free hand, A bring autumn morning, A distinctive clock tower, A couple thousand of them,  A dinner table conversation, A mild tone, A deep sigh of frustration, A pub with a phone, The crowd was  amiable and peaceful, A weeping girl, A particularly bad reputation,  Making no progress, 

A distance of less than half a mile, A municipal building,  A woman in a ripped coat, A monarch inspecting his troops, A group of older men,  A discreet distance, A few questions, Keep an eye on them,  A gang of thugs,  A pretty big battle, A gold wedding band,  A diamond engagement ring, A tilted lady, A brisk walk,  A rough neighborhood, A high-flyer, A code book,  A powerful radio transmitter, A German-counter- espionage, An aging prostitute recovering from a hangover, A smoky place, A bad feeling, A filthy rag, A good source of reliable intelligence, A two-story building, lose a valuable asset, A wild goose chase, A huge building, An unenthusiastic housekeeper, A bullying policeman,  A glass of vodka,  A potential daughter-in-law, Stop embarrassing the poor girl,  A sharp mind, I am honored to have been chosen, A wonderful opportunity, A rare flower blooming,  A bloody hard battle,  A major crossroads, A base camp, A wonderful atmosphere of liberation and camaraderie, A nice cup of tea, A mass of black hair pinned up and topped by a fore-and-aft army cap, No mood for flirting, A dazzling smile, An amorous

A suitable place to hold classes, A dozen proposition a day,  A bath for a month, A bit unsatisfactory,  It was a good plan, A dreadful feeling,  Make a sideway move, house-to-house fight,  A future society that was fairer to everyone,  All-or-nothing man, A bowl of thin stew, a slab of dry bread, A big cup of a red wine, A three quarter moon, A way to die, A bishop to pray to Buddha, A well- defended, A well-defended position, A supply train, The military was well-armed and powerful, A fascist-friendly government,  A couple of well-dressed woman, A sunny day, A catastrophic failure,  A little taller and shorter, A short distance, A favorite haunt of journalists,  A double bluff, A surge of triumph, A large waiting room, A political earthquake in Europe, German-speaking people, The German overrunning Poland, A border dispute between Finland and Sweden, A long- time friend, A different direction, A couple of older guys, A smear of cigarette, A reminiscent mood

A family crisis,  An enlisted man, High-achieving parents, A very attractive girl, A wealthy family,  A last minute deal, An attractive black woman, A gesture of appeal, A modest apartment house, A board shoulder, A coffee table, A long sip of martini,  A bigger difference, A famous left-wing journalist, A hard working and politically powerful man, A grey watered-silk bathrobe, wait a minute,  a short bicycle ride, A momentary hesitation, Give-and-take argument, A pack of cigarette, A harsh test, A little jolt of pleasure, A puff on a cigarette, A practical political philosophy, A dining room, A delicate condition, A public insult, Spying on a husband, A long-time mistress, An unfaithful husband,  A defiant expression, Smoking a cigar and drinking brandy, A leg of pork from dinner, A well-known figure, A stylish middle-aged woman, A small factory,  put on a clean uniform shirt

A weak heart, A coal miner in civilian life, Lived lives of unending hard work,  A culture that made life worth living, A bottle of whisky, A box of old pictures, A hint of mischief,  A sharp pain in her tummy, No undercooked chicken and no unripe fruits, A tiny bedroom, a small kitchen, a sitting room, A ceremonial dinner,  A strong-minded feminist,  A dreadful state,  A real grown-up, A lost feeling, A reassuring reply, A day later,  A leaking gutter,  A cracked windowpane, A bottle of cologne,  A black fountain pen, A slice of canned ham, A noisy debate, A white-haired elder statesman,  A whole night of waiting,  Drink beer and drop the subject,  A right-wing aristocratic  appeaser,  peace at any price, A majority of the committee, A slim, quiet, unassuming man, neatly dressed with a bald head and a moustache,  a series of heavy fortifications, A solid line of defense, A common embarkation point, A man of status and power, A pathetic figure, A large slice of his army pay

A couple of miles away, A safe vintage point, A red-faced major,  In the middle of the battlefield, carrying a wounded man,  A losing battle, A sleep of utter exhaustion , small expression of friendliness,  A prisoner of war, Some driving their livestock ahead of them, The road was busy with people on foot, A litter harder to keep eye on everyone,  A small flock of sheep, A cigarette dangling from his lip, A sentence of death, make a split-second decision, a friendly house, A small shelf of books, A long way to walk, A waste of money, a weekend pass, paying little attention to his surroundings, A place where racehorses were bought and sold, A sitting position, A bomb landed a  hundred yard along the street, begging lifts from truck drivers, A travelling stranger with a foreign accent, A fat man in an undershirt, A fairly realistic peasant 

A tired worker going home, A pile of plates on the counter next to the young washer-up,  carrying a flashlight,  a landscape of scrubby vegetation,  a bench on the shady platform, a distant explosion,  A triumphant expression, A blazing building, A cup of tea, A local dignitary, A man in a ripped brown coat,  A kind of underground railroad,  A matter of laughter and fun, I am trainee nurse, An anxious wife waiting at waterside, medicines offer no guarantee, In order to avoid a fuss,  A mixture of disapproval and despair, A left-wing stronghold, A large storeroom with stacked chairs around the wall,  A lively black market, A typed letter,  A result of a burst appendix,  A dangerous experiment, A copying error, A contagious illness, A pose of indifference,
A mentally handicapped man,  just tell the truth, An earnest young man, A bit unorthodox, A fire blazing,  a gesture of openness, malformations of limbs,  A very small proportion,  A judicious man,  Gave a slight nod,  A plain answer,  A plain answer 

A degenerate liberal democracy,  Disposing of tens of thousands of useless people, A sunny day in spring , A reliable source,  Turned out to be true, A couple of pretty girls off the streets, A valuable spy, Defying the government is suicidal, A million German wives, A key was sticking out of the lock,  A cup of water, Set fire to the litter bin, A rapid campaign, A warm spring day, A German product,  distraught with grief,  A public facility, A cremation facility, A wave of grief,  A small sticking-plaster, A fat woman lay dead, A winning soccer team,  A mental breakdown,  A small dining room, A war cabinet,  A brilliant political move,  A public protect, A neat haircut, A son born brain-damaged,  a remarkable transformation,  A public outcry,  misgivings of the ignorant,  a normally passive public, cushy desk job, deeply disappointed, Heart beat a little faster, A hot morning, A full head of silver hair, A fondness for attractive young men, A birth-control device,  A chance to shine, self-satisfied, A joint statement of aims, A hell of a stink, 

A failed attempt to discourage, take more effective measures, desperate men are dangerous, A day planning,  A poor students at school, a touch of irrigation,  A Chinese restaurant downtown, A radically new type of society, make a living is by doing business, A smart negotiator, A five-point plan, A cheap thrill, A declaration of war, German were overrunning the soviet Union, A heartbreaking sacrifice,  A trumpet blast for freedom, As a matter of fact, A cheap lunch counter, A mystified puzzle, A weekly allowance,  A disinformation decoy, A dangerous tendency,  A capitalist-imperialist super-bomb, A full-blown riot,  A man to be denounced, A narrow zigzag path, A selfish elite,  A low opinion, A senior member of the ruling elite,  An older woman wrapped in a fifthly blanket,  A dozen pretty pairs of shoes, Hundreds of vehicle broke down, A frostbite patient, A defeatist attitude, Ultra-smart uniforms, Underequipped and badly led and half starved, Rounded up troublemakers,  A short of morphine, Littered with cigarette ends and discarded newspapers, Misgivings about the government, Patriotism and loyalty were outweighed by the terrible wickedness, 

Black-market milk, lacked cold-weather supplies,  An island with an airstrip,  A primitive cipher,  A free trade zone, A little disappointed, A free trade zone, A swanky wedding,  A dozen passengers,  A deep bang like an underground explosion, A better chance of survival,  A blow to his chest, A lull in the attack, A column a thousand feet high,  A desk job, Lost a little weight,  A tactful way of saying,  A charming shyness, A heavy escort of fighters,  a chance of winning at last,  feel a little drunk and happy, A nagging suspicion,  A wonderful aircraft carrier,  Set  a trap, crime of assaulting an officer, a sensible posting, A weird feeling ,  a democratic country, a cruel military dictatorship, a terrible air battle,  dropping a bomb from moving aircraft on to a moving ship, a fire precaution,  a delayed fuse,  a war game in conference room, a tremendous bang,  a jar of antiseptic, a deep breath, a self-centered coward,  A little jumpy, A job cleaning an office in the evening,  A lethargic air, A hostile look, no harm in bringing an army officer into kitchen, An over-protected child, well-bred women, making rapid progress,  a very aggressive new operation,  A well-proportioned town dwelling with pleasant rooms,  A beer belly, A good telling-off, A grubby tale, A hundred mile away,  an unidentifiable piece of furniture, a dust sheet,  a large hospital,  A dressing for a young woman, a big reversal, A long silence in the kitchen, A stone staircase, A glass door led to a fire escape, a couple of cigarette ends, A set of handcuffs,  a child arriving for a birthday party, High-heeled slippers,  An encouraging smile, a tinkling laugh,  A carbon copy of document,  a dotted line for a signature, a miniature camera, a clever improvisation,  

A head injury,  A cracked  rib,  A hole six feet long, A piece of furniture, a coffin with a hinged lid,  a murder investigation, tilt it sideway, a few stars shedding a faint light, A warm night,  a flash of inspiration,  a distant voice, a mixture of elation and sadness, a rising young politician,  a bright young officer,  A long, low, out-of-date temporary structure,  A dapper old man with a white moustache,  A full dress performance, A real pistol, A committee of nine, A medium-size city,  A major breach of etiquette, A uranium enriched plant, A mass-production industry,  A stylish navy-blue, A bottle of wine,  A real go-getter,  A brilliant insight, A pile of uranium, a dramatic stand, A barbershop, A small scream, a hint of fear, a private detective, A strange emotion, cost of a million dollars,  A black day in the history of mankind, A large apartment in the best building in town, A little surprising, a safe full of jewelry,  A passive player in the drama, A hard look, expert at scaring people, A narrow uphill path, A better grip on the rocky ground, A small clearing,  A remote hill village, a healthy profit, a small upland plain, 

A small town with a dust-coloured church,  the nearest railway station, A less expensive neighborhood, A bloody desert, A loophole, A free buffet, Dense working-class housing, A neutral matter-of-fact, A bit drunk,  A powerful impulse, A ridiculous extravagance, An elegantly curving staircase, approving of adultery and divorce, smell like a cheese factory, A girl of tradition, A distant relative,  a man-to-man conversation, A distinguished family, A three bedroom house, An inexhaustible supply, A casual conversation,  A step backward, a gush of blood, A huge flak tower,  carrying a green hospital file folder, A huge flak tower, A buttoned overcoat,  A  tremendous coup, A massive operation, A walkie-talkie, An unwelcome complication,  A densely populated low-rent neighborhood, An unwelcome complication, A captured spy, new way of giving a warning, A low brick building, pre-war enlisted men, A grubby sheet of paper,  A beach a quarter of a mile wide, an inaccurate map,  A black mark, A well-known businessman,

Take a risk of opening up a little, A small number of war dog, process of disembarking, A craft of ammunition, A crouching position,  On her day off, capable of practicing medicine, A life of hardship and suffering, Half our army consists of old men and schoolboys, A worrying thought, plan a new global order, A cup of coffee, A brilliant young physicist, A folded newspapers,  A Sunday service,  A rogue aristocrat, A giant dormitory, A fleet of five thousand vessel, A crowd of people, water purifying tablets,  A first-aid kit, A last-minute reluctance, little sensation of flying, a remarkable sight, ran out of patience, no talking or smoking,  A short rest, A gusty response, dart across the road, the sun was coming up,  mount a powerful counter-attack, Anti-aircraft gun, unfasten the harness, A formal letter demanding surrender, relief and rehabilitation, A dozen teenage, The fighting was deteriorating into chaos,  A dozen teenage boys, stopping people and demanding papers, an unpromising strategy, The basement was overcrowded,

A shell landed outside building, A surge of triumph, no running water in the city, a chance to reciprocate,  A pretext for objecting,  a well thought out plan, time-consuming work,  a real lady-killer, By being natural and charming,  grow up in a free world, A cultured family,  a rare smile, hung a picture on the wall, a living room, a very manly activity, a highly developed sense of fairness, A new committee, A nuclear bomb, building a stockpile, A dangerously exhilarating sense of freedom. Long-distance travellers, it snows a lot, A high risk, a good mood when full of food, a couple of drinks,  A shrewd thinker, A dirt road to the top of a low hill, A uranium device, an implosion trigger, seeking inadequate shelter in the surviving rooms of half-demolished houses,  find fuel or heating and cooking, night fell and temperature dropped to freezing, it’s so unfair, make your minds perfectly clear, a mixture of surprise and distance, a walking stick, a thrilling speech, Ashamed of having an illegitimate, fighting a losing battle, boarding up smashed windows,  little basket of supplies, a cut of the proceeds, dead of hunger and cold,

A frumpy wife, a black marketer, a worn leather chair, a symbol oppression, a handful of reporters with notebook, a small magnolia tree, the bucket was full of earth, a five-day week, the effects of malnutrition,  grow up a citizen, a harmless street , a brutally short military haircut, A boil on my nose, A freezing fog, A flighty girl, A pleading expression, illegitimate son of a housemaid, a core of ruthlessness, task of reviving Germany, wearing a headscarf, a core of ruthlessness, A detailed plan,  a working class social democrat

A resounding collective, An unruly mob, fearful of recurrence, a brightly patterned blanket, An oriental look, sacks of flour, big drums of kerosene, cartons of medical supplies, wooden crates containing thousands of bottles of milk, cooking pots, a woman sobbing, long-handled axes, a better boat builder

A girlish giggle, a handful of small craft, a fresh breeze, a small herd of milk cows, a job and a house in a fishing village, a locker built, a foolish boast, half-hidden obstacle, a slight rise, a sack of flour on his back, howling like animals in pain, scream of agony and terror, a roof of thin stone tiles, a small field where cows were pastured, a tall Viking with yellow hair, a bucket of milk,  A healthy young woman, a slash of her knife, a bundle of slack limbs,  a lot of shouting and screaming outside, a sinking ship, a feeling of relief
Business Phrases,
conomics of everyday affairs, Delivering unbiased information,  An onslaught of misinformation,  correct side of the truth,  politicization of GDP and job statistics, undermine data credibility,  a matter of public debate, a four-decade high in unemployment,  a spurt in jobs created, a top political issue, public participation, bring out a detailed report, a statistical conundrum, sluggish industrial growth, showing either flat or negative growth, a similar rise, ongoing turbulence, global growth, low productivity, consumption demand, propping up demand for goods and services, private consumption,  a demand slow down, threatening profit recovery for listed companies, a marked slowdown, spending slowdown,  a revival in consumption expenditure,  Resource-constrained budget,  a pipe-dream, a breakdown of the number, tight fiscal and monetary policies, economy back on the fast track,  cutback on productive spending, attracting foreign capital,  high growth rate, domestic job growth, skepticism on growth numbers, America-based economy, volume-based to value-based, the new methodology, impacting budget making, a push to private investment, a growth process driven by, expenditure were poorly managed,  the double-digit inflation, uncertain revenue collection, the push to privatization marks,  an adverse political fallout, high-rated pooled assets, a far-sighted move, game-changing reforms, an innovative step, spur investment, revive the domestic economy,  a demand crisis that holding up investment, the real rural wage growth, the subsequent decline in wage growth, household savings, a deviation of actual output, a fiscal boost,

an immediate impact,  a longer term measure, declining household savings,  A fall in potential growth, a handful of other countries,  world’s fastest growing economies, low healthy life expectancy, poor female participation, a core driver of human development, most effective way to lift people out of poverty, improve quality of life, a gloomy economic environment, a quantum improvement, a marked dip in business, a panel of business facilitator, under-the-table payment, turning a blind eye to more substantive reforms, rent-seeking by officialdom, a heavy compliance burden,  cross-country comparison, beset by huge tax demand, on the verge of collapse, hit hard by multiple adversities, ease of doing business, Indian financial powerhouse, a whopping tax demand, coping with the chopping  and changing, driving economic growth,  sharp deceleration in economic activity, pegged the growth rate,

income creation, heavy lifting on the GDP, pace of government spending, giveaways on corporate, multi-pronged efforts, consumption slowdown not materialized, cut back in credit, high interest rate, a frank and constructive debate, delay resolution, Growth may be counterproductive, a little flexibility, fiscal deficit, pervasive signs of demand weakness, over-ambitious revenue target, leading to a tax terrorism,  tax buoyancy, off-balance sheet borrowings, laying down a clear roadmap, within a timeframe, a spike in borrowing cost, bond market impact, ineffective welfare schemes, water-starved area, respiratory illness, the divergence is less sharp, post-reforms years, income has widened, poor quality of life, a moral embarrassment, drought prone region, a fusion of growth and human development, a central role in farm policy, a new social security, a contributory pension scheme, quality public health and schooling, a vision statement, a focus on affordable housing,

a self-sufficiency, post office savings, rural payouts, spur consumption and investment, digitization of land records,  clear source of funding, gross market borrowing, blue collar private sector job, a similar model in mind, a moot point, a high weightage, deprive the income generation, a growing migrant population, poorest households, a basement-level-demand,  a way out, a well implemented income support measure, a new welfare paradigm, l

eave some questions unanswered, political spotlight on rural distress, a paradigm shift, tax compliance, a new fiscal math, cutting across, seat sharing, project a compelling vision, a much needed countervailing force,  a healing touch, high productivity jobs, a slew of steps to ease of doing business, undeserving management shown the door, Rising fuel price, low growth and high inflation, minimum government, maximum governance,  a threat to growth, growing disenchantment, a bleak future, lack of a vision, self-made individuals, A sizeable force, serve the poor, civil liberties and individual rights, abuse of power and balance, appeasement politics, the professional manner, name of probing terrorism, a certain crisis of credibility,
Quick-fix solutions, a glaring instance of this overreach, no logical explanation, a considered approach, a direct plan, speedy decision making, optimal decision making, a statutory resolution, a constitutional improbability, a certain majoritarian sentiment, controversial process of assimilation,   A pan-Indian sentiment, growth of local political engagement, asymmetric from of federalism, without meaningful participation, a realistic solution, a statement fraught, a violent mass movement, stand for truth and secularism, recapturing global attention, a sense of unreal, the ban on single use plastic, an art of dying, a sense of closure, the five-judge constitution, a secular nation, an act of restitution, divisive citizenship, given the unmitigated disaster, a citizen in liberal democracy,  maintaining status quo, total secured and unsecured debt, group finance, a share buyback, two leading finance companies, downside risk, a large chunk of their assets,

within a stipulated time, shareholder pattern, posing a strong risk to investor, default on repayment, global factor,  single-entity exposure, short-term variety, a big role in deciding flows, quick-fix tweaks, debacle exposed, a clamor for the market regulator, mark-to-market valuation, sudden credit shocks, an artificially propped-up, a

major source, a valuation agency, given leeway, undisrupted trading, market participation, post-trade settlement, a single clearing house, settlement process, laid down the guidelines, global market infrastructure, carry out risk management, real-time basis, sharing of data, post-trade architecture, a tougher message, a cross function team, Indian school of business, gaining unfair advantage,  a few clear message, strict enforcement, running into  a crunch situation,  a new set of tweak, A zero default rate, relying on in-house expertise, much-needed regulatory capacity, a similar disagreement, milking unconventional revenue sources, capacity-building, an effective regulator, A positive fallout, falsify financial statements,  strict punitive actions,  a fair-weather friend, a strong primary market, a formidable roadblock, domestic public offer, a minuscule contribution, non-availability of working capital, stop-start mode, the timeline of completion,  off-share transfer, market-disruptive,  the related party lending,

a large volume of complaint, weed out malicious complaint, a standstill of payments, a free fall over the few months, seal a deal to sell, a large chunk going into education, health and sanitation, a lasting shift, a good way to scale up, a highly undesirable suitor, a hostile workforce, a business is undervalued, stern action is warranted, two leading auditors, a healthy state of finance, better internal and external checks, a string of allegation, a quick resolution, a listed company,  a detailed resolution framework, built-in-house capacity, investment has stagnated, jobs are evidentially in free fall, investor-friendly, shine a harsh light, a guaranteed price, back-door arrangements, no sign of easing up, a fall in consumption demand, slower government spending, constrained credit access, an extended slowdown, export-linked sectors, investment-linked sector, private capex sector, ensuring effective transmission, economic downturn, a welcome move, a rent-seeking government, applying for a driving license, growing digitalization, reuse & relief, faster and inexpensive connections, supply remain erratic and unstable, digital literacy, a credit guarantee, a global player to start manufacturing, proposed investment, a huge foreign exchange outgo, interest of transparency and consistency, a blanket ban, imposed a ban, a ban on a platform,  lay down a clear roadmap, a mobile network, high speed bandwidth, a fixed line environment, global ground-breaking technology, a tradeable basket of goods & services,

misuse of crypto currencies, a medium of exchange,  a global market cap, new digital currency, new digital currency, a digital transformation,  a cause of worry, a competent job of protecting children, misuse of surveillance powers, sweeping powers, a highly digital world, government-backed attacker, data localization, a huge economic cost, mission-critical application, a human right, a more democratic and transparent, civil protest movement, spread of misinformation, cost of offering  services, rolling out the wireless network, high manpower cost, bureaucratic decision making,  a big worry,  a viable proposition, set a more realistic price, achieving digital empowerment, facilitate inclusive and affordable 5G, high reserve price, a huge setback, a massive amount of high-speed bandwidth, uninterrupted service, a reserve price, a work in progress, a set of guideline to protect interests of consumers, regulating the fast-growing e-commerce sector, encouraging innovation and investment, over regulate business, a compelling proposition digitization, global benchmark,

a high-speed broadband, global benchmark, a wireless network, a robust optical fibre, a massive consolidation, a level playing field, a fixed fee, a spike in monthly payouts, higher cost, aimed at ensuring transparency,  a bouquet of hundreds of unwanted channels, a nightmare for many

consumers, revenue share between multiple system operators, a flawed approach, operational and legal challenges during execution,  a strong wave of consumer migration, a financial crisis and operators, at the risk of losing subscribers, prevailing marketing, a floor price, drive mobile and data consumption,  a share-swap deal, holding a universal banking license,  a well-diversified ownership, a new set of guideline, promoter-controlled holding companies, applying for a universal banking license, under-reporting bad loans,  reduce hedging costs, a foreign exchange, a much needed liquidity,   a fixed exchange rate, pay to participate, cooling short-term bond yield, a similar effect, liquidity tap to distressed, step up credit to lower-rated borrowers, draw up a resolution, draw up a resolution, resolution of stressed assets, a proactive move, an independent regulator, structural issue plaguing the power sector, a particularly challenging juncture, future cash-flows, short-lived, rising crude oil prices, a new disclosure policy,  a resolution process, defaulting promoters, don’t rely on hand-to-mouth arrangement,  a long runway, a string of default, ongoing deceleration,  a sharing arrangement, timeline is respected, faster transmission, bank-specific benchmarks, desire lending rate, credit risk of the borrower, half-hearted attempts, repayment of loans, paying up a high price for better transmission,  a prudent economic capital , a good chance, profits must be distributed, a good balance, pragmatic view, market disruption, meet contingencies,  the latter capital requirement, a full-service central bank, a case for a contingency buffer, a full service central bank, create long-term capital asset, global bond market, a sustained slowdown, a better alternative, global financial crisis, the desired outcome, world trade growth, the silver lining , the pile of debt accumulated, 

a better alternative, pose a problems, depleting margin, no alarming sign, divided paying, the Indian banking system, audits and distress resolution, rampant funds, active nexus between bank management, high risk profile, borrow in overseas markets, a narrow set of banks, a servers upheaval in global markets, long-dated derivative, external commercial borrowings,  a viable alternative benchmark, impact of the transition, most viable rate to overseas borrowers,  long-term project financing, lack of demand, long-term funding source, cash flow over a complete  cycle, natural resource allocation, long-terms fund, end-use of fund, risk-taking, a fleshing out, a variable component, a fleshing out, an executive variable must be deferred,  a rule-based approach, principle-based regulation, whole-time direction, fair-pay principles, a big determinant, powerless to impose, performance-linked compensation, a capital intensive business, ease the flow of capital, a national asset management, undue delays in the process, a long way, a going concern, a proper policy document, a lack of transparency,  a lack of consensus, a drop in policy, a drought hit state, a major organic producer, processing cost can  be brought down, promoted organic farming , a strong legal case, right to monitor, a strong legal case, a time of growing pest attack, a series of reforms, issues of overproduction, a holistic approach, long-term policies, cotton-producing area, cost-effective solution, a lack of scientific consensus, issues of rising pest attacks, carrying out weeding operation, a real issue of excess, a global glut,  a short term fix, a source of livelihood, a clean-up, doubling farmer income,  a comfortable payback, burden of financing activities, as fishing and dairying, repayment capacity, drive a farmer family into debt, high-interest loan, in farming cannot be delinked, a window dressed figure, fast and reliable trains, a host of positive, long-term spin-offs,

foreign made aircraft, a major sticking point, pragmatic choice of taking majority control, high-growth aviation sector, a controlling stake, deep-pocketed bidders, high airport cost, high taxes on aviation turbine fuel, a passenger protection fund, a price-sensitive market, higher insurance premium, a moot point, a serious matter, high speed freight corridor, sluggish freight and passenger revenue, a result of overstaff manpower, rationalizing the workforce, developing a local ecosystem, a fighting chance, a smooth ride,  being a subject of on the concurrent list,  a hassle free experience, lax in implementing safety, car-pooling, planet-friendly, a feeder service, it is noteworthy, a light-rail based transit system, a small platform, a common travel card, proposed introduction, thrown a major line of relief, to curb money-laundering, this is a reasonable stipulation, start-ups below a certain threshold, source of unexplained cash credits, a significant shortfall, non-tax revenue to fill the gap, meet collection targets, a smoother affair on paper, story is less flattering,  a smoother affair on paper,  a calculated risk,  the cost of moving goods can be reduced,  a short term revenue maximization approach, a short term revenue mobilization,  budget on taxable income, a powerful reforms signal, a consumer welfare fund, a bulk of it coming from surcharge, allow free and fair play of market forces, instead of obsessing over transmission, of tax cut, unwilling to shell out extra, tax avoidance practice, GST compliance system, online invoice matching, the unprecedented economic slowdown, a uniform business-friendly tax landscape, a breach of faith can rock the GST project, a reality on the ground, played a major role, a friendly tax administration, a global slowdown, rising borrowing costs, import-dependent export,  GST-related glitches, a sense of unease, long-term repercussions, a small portio

n invested, high-payouts, investment at fair value  or market value, a cross section of stakeholders, expressed misgivings,  ease the conduct of business,  a skilled and well paid workforce, risk of labour shortage,

a rise in unemployment, country is moving the other way, protectionism is gaining ground, inward-looking tendencies, a democratic framework, functional structure, long-pending, widened the trade imbalance, vast Indian market, a certain threshold, data localization law, a huge market to offer, an equal footing, monetary tightening, provide a window of opportunity to industry, a new norm in globalization,  a similar level of economic engagement, a surge in the oil import bill, prices zooming up, entails the risk of major escalation, US-China trade dispute, play its cards carefully, oil dependency over the long run, a rapid shift to electric vehicles, a trade war, a climate of uncertainty, double-edged options, military superpower, affected by large-scale trade, a disastrous effect, a mixed one, a bigger impact on metal, a tight spot, a considered appr

oach, digitization could be leveraged,  a military strike, hard-line advisors, a new theatre of conflict, an imminent confrontation, financial and diplomatic reasons, a worse time, an international trade hub, issue of economic inequality, fight and fires raging in the Amazon, a French move to calm things down between, global affairs, amidst deepening trade and economic crisis,   a nasty wake-up,  a clear signal, displaying a willingness to play, slashing travel time , an extremely tight time-trame, a softer Brexit involving, a political career, the future look very uncertain, a drinking water crisis, short-term relief, instead drip and sprinkler irrigation, a shift away from paddy and sugarcane, take a holistic view of water, alarming water crisis, long-term solutions, model code of conduct, fodder camps, drought hit, high-to-extreme water, declaring drought more stringent, high-to-extreme  water stress, water is contaminated, water scarcity, spatial and temporal distribution, falling cost of panels, a shift in the mix towards, rooftop solar is decentralized, land acquisition, large scale commercial consumer, cross-subsidy model in jeopardy, a further exodus of buyers, poor consumers, the long-terms gains, a great leap forward, a boon in disguise,  flood-hit kerala, a familiar pattern, flood-ravaged, loss of property and valuable, a possibilities of disruption, deluge must be better understood and prevented, a amount of money, the task of processing the result, the chaos and despair, a reasonable deal, a routine affairs
General Phrases
A family feud,  projecting his own actions, in the interest of larger public good, wheeler-dealer, an image-building exercise, a generation of technology-savvy youth, progress and development, mobilization of vote, stability and good governance, maintain law and order, ailing for a long time, fill the power vacuum, prolonged illness, prevailing confusion, failing health, there is a little doubt, a fast changing political scenario, a stern test, never-ending political rivalry, a new phase of political contestation, nationwide movement against corruption, good governance, fighting corruption and communalism, the agrarian crisis, the drug mafia, immediate life and livelihood concerns, declare a drought, a spate of suicide, infuse confidence among farmers, institute reforms, suffer irreparable, social obligations, successive droughts, low-budget practices, declaring a drought without delay, active recharging of groundwater,  a crying need, a terrible toll, a free ride after witnessing a kite festival, a judicial commission be constituted, a paradigm shift, which it to be further modernized, a good protest, self-limiting protest, judiciary-imposed prohibition, a group of lawyer, a retired judge, a call for withdraw of the nation, a loose binding thread, an attack on rituals, people uprising against authoritarianism, a judicial overreach on civil issue, misleading the mood, mishandling a violent situation, anger and anguish, a reality check, a rare instance, a major safety initiative, a non-lapsable corpus, rail track renewal, public reporting, a universal service obligation, a clear vision, a rare political virtue,  restore a measure of calm, an absolute majority, a progressive decision, demand his resignation,  local governance, a ploy to resist, fearing a split, robust turnout, voter participation, task cut out, a lifeline in the state, a significant foray, public taste grew over, consolidation of power, develop a grassroots presence, volunteer-driven model, a more centralized organization, a strong chief ministerial candidate, post-poll coalition, a pre-poll alliance, the upper hand, in a partisan manner, a reflection of a degree of dissatisfaction, paying little regard, a better administration, hardline fringe,  the national leadership,  a prominent role,  public mind a front-stage, a character of aggressive minority, setting his own agenda, push his pet project,  a majority of its member, a final decision on this issue, this high-risk strategy, political funding regulations, a loss making unit, breaching the funding cap, a company awaiting government clearance, push for cashless mode, unruly and disruptive behavior, a business class seat, all-economy flight,  a business class seat, a new development, machine-manipulation, legitimacy of the election process, a key component, machine cannot be compromised, a control unit, machine tamper-proof,  full implementation, subject to manipulation, paper ballot-based polling, a high incidence, a chilling reminder, racial prejudices,  a small group of Africans, a disturbing trend in the country, disturbing and shameful, a single bystander, several hundred unnamed response, a stronger response, taking the law into one’s hand, law enforcement machinery, law cannot be overemphasized, taken up residence, a reminder of the latent racism, a debate on privacy vs public interest, under a judicial inquiry, get a final picture, a kind of honey trap, booked under section, a larger public interest, a paradigm shift, an infrastructure system undertaken, demand for travel, low risk of accidents, resources of system are optimally utilized, centralization of all functions, massive investment in infrastructure, to facilitate higher non-budgetary investment, the private sector is discoursing from participating, a monopolistic framework, the railways cater to 23 million passengers, higher levels of efficiency and lower costs, raise carrying capacity, indulging in electoral malpractices, possibility of disqualifying a candidate for a project, contested the election, monitoring of unauthorized and illegal elections, a heavy hand, an unprecedented number of central observer, flying squad team, static  surveillance teams, video surveillance team, offer of inducements and allurements, debarred swiftly, free is not fair either, lowest-ever voter turnout, law and order situation, scale of violence, provocation for the violence, chose to stay away from polling stations, higher voter participation, set off a new set of violence,  a larger political  motivation, a low-hanging fruit, dismantle India’s VIP culture,  a colonial-era overhang, getting a bed at a state hospital, five-year plan, control-and-command approach towards states, a 15 year long term vision, 15-year vision, seven-year strategy, speed up capital expenditure and infrastructure development, a couple of month ago, a fiscal year rejig, a fresh nightmare, deal with factionalism, a prominent role, retained the upper hand, a defiant appearance, a supposedly apolitical platform, weaken the party further, a human shield, a possible transgression in an area plagued, a deterrent to stone-pelting, a bystander, a gross human right violation, improvisation in standard operating procedures, war like situation, hyper-nationalistic quarters, a pragmatic step, retrieve lost ground in tourism, to partially offset criticism, ill-effects of being addicted to alcohol, a pragmatic and holistic solution, take steps to empower, longstanding issues, short-term political tactics, reaching out to indigenous communities, a stepping stone, creation of a separate state, statehood demand, the ad-hocism and tokenism, a ploy to undermine, set the tone and agenda, trapping of an ideological battle, a platform for political messaging,  a disadvantaged community, a foregone conclusion, how data are compiled and shared, seek fund for affordable housing, a high-visibility campaign, chosen cities, managed urbanization, estimate the flow of vehicles and pedestrians, boost transparency, access to special funding,  real-time passenger information, compelling managers to solve the problems, low-hanging fruit, a nimble policy approach, technology-led-vision, pollution-free commons, idea of protecting freedom of speech and expression, disguised mechanism, insulate elected, the functioning of house or its member, impeded the independent functioning, power to punish for contempt, unsettled question, grave electoral  malpractice,  a direct appeal for vote, a calculated plan, a setback for entire opposition, a proactive agenda,  a reactive measure, a lack of  consensus, a genuine concern for building a strong opposition, a winning combination, a corruption case, an anti-corruption platform, the conflicting signals, a calculating mind playing the waiting game, restore law and order, political violence is commonplace, elections is fiercely contested, poor showing, a prolonged period of political instability,
Compel a relentless, campaign, fixing of accountability, zero-tolerance enforcement of safety requirement, controlling the spread of fire and smoke, produce a public report, meticulous prosecution, judiciary takes a lenient view, a commendable effort, the absence of a strong law, rampant bureaucratic, political corruption, a general prohibition, communal or sectarian value, corrupt practice, discredit a rival, a wider interpretation, based on political patronage, gross disrespect shown, a former district judge, chosen persons, pressure of the political executive, drawing upon a wider pool of talent, a process for appointment, oral observation, high-value currency note, no-frills savings, dispel some of the ambiguity, one way or the other, data are not misused, collate vast amount, leeway granted by the court, high number of pending cases, an impasses over judicial appointment, a positive gesture, judicial hearings, increasing backlog of cases, alarming docket situation, chronic shortage of judicial hands, expedite the processing of appointing judges, magnitude of the task of reducing the backlog, a prolonged stand-off are eliminated, a new procedure agreed upon, discretion of policymaker, revenue-centric, ill-considered, drunk driving, fearing loss of income, jobs and businesses, a speedy judicial resolution, charge of inciting ill-will and hatred, failure to cure a technical defect, a case relating to the promotion of communal disharmony, charge of criminal conspiracy, a criminal trial, legal compulsion, ordeal of facing criminal charge, a punishable charge, a chill or free expression, marketplace of outrage, an economy that feeds on anger and hostility, an emotional victimhood, a fixed tenure, new political dispensations, an indictment of government, reluctance to set up a statutory anti-corruption institute, the leader of the largest party, a simple way of resolving the impasse, making recommendations, the existing system of bail, fair and evidence based, grant relief to thousands of prisoners, decongest India’s overcrowded prisons, attracting a longer jail term, primary source of injustice, criminal conspiracy charge, framed charge, standing for probity in public life, draw the line, prescribed procedure, a law popularly known, maintenance of public order, an effective deterrent, a tough message, a candle-light vigil, preventive detention , unpleasant and unfortunate developments, a more pragmatic approach, ill-suited, a long winded, seek-suspension, cumbersome process, compelling to acknowledge,  existing law protecting, child-friendly procedure, if cases get derailed, inadequate mental development, laid down a benchmark, a stringent action, mining without environmental and forest clearance, unlawful mining, depleting the country’s natural resources, no effective policy, a source of corruption, excessive exploitations,  a limit for mining activities, serious introspection, prevailing gulf between crime and justice, a sense of injustice,  a successful prosecution, a relatively quick trial, committing grave offences, a quick and time-bound trial, a minuscule minority, decriminalize consensual sex, a telling commentary, instances of group beating up, aimed at banning or regulating slaughter of animals, theft of cattle, a special place, chilling precision, serving life terms, a lenient view, a major role in the conspiracy by facilitating the transportation of arms and ammunition, a life term, a sense of partial closure, a right to expect a third trial, the consent was withdrawn, an unreasonable burden, a positive negation of advances, 20-year prison term imposed, degenerative mind,  child marriage a cause for worry, a serious infringement of child rights, self-advancement, troubling questions, the probe and trial, it expose the shoddy investigation, public perception, a case based on circumstantial evidence, well-wisher, a punishable offence, a direct threat to the functioning of media,  in the course of discharging official functions, prosecution without prior sanction, objective of anti-corruption legislation, undoubtedly vindicated, diligence investigation, sectarian hate crime, age of a polarized  social media, unambiguous consensus, commitment to fighting corruption, sweeping of fighting corruption, actual incidence of corruption, economic momentum, projected were based solely on data, consequent cash crush, mining and quarrying,  more worrying, a substantial fiscal fillip, rekindle economic momentum, aggregate demand compression,  a silver lining in the CSO data, operating on thin margin, raised a red flag, cashless transaction, a late-night intervention, people are cash-strapped,  a crisis of confidence, charges were constituted, system  error,  a new way of life need clarity,  a visible roadmap to secure, pay heed, urban mass transit system, expanded railways network, impede optimal allocation, the better solution,  a transaction cost related to clearance,  four-year growth estimate, the taxation bureaucracy, high-value currency, a marginal slowdown, aggregate demand shock, better than expected performance,  mining and manufacturing, a sharp quacking,  an excellent long term opportunity, hampering economic development, a truly successful marriage, a fast-evolving market, substantial cost saving, a tax claim dating back, a significant consideration, time-bound turnaround, the continuous deterioration, a long overdue reform, a politically fraught, it is worth watching, an effort to reform the pricing mechanism, daily price of fuel, make or break consumer confidence, fuel inflationary expectation, a more gradual ascent or descent in fuel prices, import dependent consumption, a historic rally, strong fund inflow, an appreciating rupee, poor lending and monitoring decisions, a clear signal, a fiscally prudent, loss-making power distribution companies, states stay solvent, higher market borrowing, pay commission hike, employment creation, huge job-creator for economy, the gloomy job situation, modernization of its labor force, low-paying jobs in farm sector, a set-up in government spending, formulate a standard operating procedure, empowered to take independent decision, a symbolic gesture, a collective decision making body, a small fraction, consider these underlying trend, manufacturing activities dipped sharply, a reality check, a mission mode reforms is urgently needed, the messy task of cleaning up toxic bad debts, ward off any wider impact on economy, a key macroeconomic concern, global downturn in commodity prices and depressed demand, initiating insolvency proceedings,  a legal challenge, start taking steps to liquidate assets, in a gradual manner, a clear road map is needed, a landmark reform, a new indirect tax system, unifying country into a single market, attract customers and mop up revenue, a road map to simplify the tax regime,  a complicated structure, could lead to classification dispute, exclusion of key inputs, stringent anti-profiteering clauses, initial hiccups are perhaps inevitable, a significant and welcome step,  a better chance to woo serious energy investors, a revenue share for missing operation, a more cohesive framework, record low retail inflation, capital goods and consumer durables, risk of relying too heavily on forecasting models, upward pressure on core inflation, a fruitful outcome, a hasty order, heavy-handed justice, imposing trading restriction, a list of suspect companies, the trading price is capped, a sound business environment, a sharp fall after the order, grow at a rapid pace, payment-cum-shopping platform, a massive money laundering exercise, confiscation of money, self-defeating way, must be duly investigated, fight against black money is laudable, a real danger of inadvertently tainting genuine firms, great care and diligence, price rigging of shares, prime target for financial fraudsters, deep-rooted maladies, delist a company, usher in significant benefits, a simplified process, risk facing stringent,  a view to easing the burden of paperwork, ease the burden of compliance, reduce the workload on tax, proposed simplification,  decision pan out on the ground,  a new financial instrument, a step closer to building, a vibrant market for commodities,  gold option contracts, the wider participation, business of investing in commodity derivatives, an unjustified hostility, hasty policy measures, a rapid increase in food prices, the wide-ranging nature, real-time monitoring system, over-the-counter products, a step towards greater reforms, on the path to recovery, a blend of financial mechanism, twin balance sheet problems, over-leveraged companies, ground level feedback. A roadmap be drafted, a better listener, a  long delayed nationwide goods and services, goal of easing the resolution,  a result of unpredictable external factor,  a mere instrument of liquidation, nationwide rollout of GST, a resurgence of inflationary pressure on food,  a sharing of resources between center and state, after slowing for at least four quarter,  a festive month, slower growth with weak export, cause for concern, a board-based, slashing fuel taxes could clam inflation, a sustained revival, bad debt resolution, problems of unsustainable lending, long-term resolution, a progressive step, labour welfare measure, a small subset of woman in workforce,  a small conditional cash benefit,  a combination of general taxation, a universal social insurance system, a forward looking move, a good oversight mechanism,  a diversified economy, the focus on public and judicial concern, a couple of month ago, a series of orders to reform jails, a legal process, a rare unanimous verdict, a fundamental right,  a common law right, a strange and perverse argument, constitutional underpinnings of government, privacy is an important value, the outcome was not entirely unexpected, a much-needed reconsideration, compelling state interest, a detailed study, grabbed national attention, the videos are a wake-up call, serious disciplinary breaches, an unfair advantage in another market, a long list of actions, a lowering of consumer choice, media and technology is transformed, battle for free expression, a well-established principle, a valid reason,  a matter of satisfaction, shown intolerance and ignorance of the law,  a license to creative imagination, touchstone of truth, fairy tale in cinema,  a chilling message, in the wake of international, a public platform, instead of imposing a blanket ban, practice of blocking certain website, a modern day interpretation, a man in a troubled marriage,  a Hindu family bring up an illegitimate Muslim Child,  small and marginal farmer, a worrying trend for a country, a slippery slope, unintended outcome,  all major crops barring sugarcane, a sustainable economic, writing off loans as a blanket policy, taxing farm income is a state matter,  a strong justification, a tax on lucrative high value, a long overdue fiscal reform, under a procedure set down, long-term studies, a team of scientist at Delhi University, a government-funded project, a platform technology, a systematic testing process, transport and treatment of animals, a long term solution, full waive of farm loan, causing distress to consumers, a criminal offense,  focus on quick-fixes, a bumper crop, reform to de-risk agriculture, a number exercise, a higher growth rate, a need for high-level inquiry, a stronger law, a prolonged period, a serious long-term policy, a key protein source, signed a pact to double pulses, lost biodiversity and reduced crop yield, a scaling up of renewal energy, domestic rooftop installation, weak service infrastructure, a large quantity of oil, significant environmental damage, a large numbers of dead turtles, impact is prolonged, causing terrible illness.  

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