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The Unification of India & Pakistan Utopia or Potential?

The Unification of India & Pakistan Utopia or Potential?

Pre-Independence in 1947 India and Pakistan were unified. 

Everybody lived together and participated in India freedom movement. 

Hindu and Muslim were working together for common good and they were amicable to each other.

However, post-freedom there was a demand for separate Islamic state and eventually Pakistan was formed in 14 August, 1947.

There was a fierce carnage both side involved in religious violence and a large number of people were killed.

Subsequently, both countries hardly had cohesive or harmonious relationship.  India is a world largest democratic country.

Pakistan is also a democratic country but frequently ruled or influenced by the army.

Both countries fought three wars and relationships are still in a deteriorated mode.

Both countries spend a larger part of the budget on defense.

Despite both are developing country and most of the people on both side are living below poverty line. 

No heed or very little budget is kept for basic education, healthcare and infrastructure.

Now the big question is about their unification like Germany. 

Germany was reunified in 1990 after the fall on Berlin Wall. 

India and Pakistan both now are nuclear armed country and if war breaks out, both side will be completely devastated  and  taken back far behind in under-developed  stage.

Army influence is much higher in Pakistan. Army not only involve in preparing defense budget but also run a lot of commercial activities and get a good chuck of profit.

Therefore, it would be hard to believe that keep its profit aside Pakistani Army will initiate the peace or unification process.

In India, some politicians are lenient but most of the politicians are Anti-Pakistan.

Moreover, India and Pakistan are one of the major importers of weapons from USA, Britain and France.

Therefore, it is also hard to believe that those involve in a colossal arms deal would advocate peacemaking and unification process.

However, the Public sentiment both side is totally different.

Both side people respect and love each other and constantly endeavor for harmonious relationship.

Just Imagine if both country would unify.  The defense budget will be cut dramatically.

The marginalized people will be benefited from social welfare scheme. As Government will have more to spend on education, health and infrastructure.

There will be exchange of culture and business. We will have strongest cricket team in the world.

There would be no more casualty of arm-forced both side.

Together we can create a great nation and even become a superpower with an unprecedented shared culture value and secularism.

Somewhere, despite of civilization there is a wild animal inside human. That’s why we fought many war throughout history. 

World War I & II fought mostly among Germany, Britain and France in Europe. 

Millions of people were killed.  There were great rivalries in both allied side.  Consequently, the Europe was totally destroyed.

However, post-war all European countries were unified by European Union and focused on development rather than imperialism and got back their lost glory. 

Currently, there is no place for hostility in any country in Europe they know the value of peace.  As, they suffered a lot during world war.

India and Pakistan loss and causality is very less compare to World War.

Therefore, it is a high time for both side to forget past enmity and come together and develop the life of people in a great manner.

People cast vote and select government for their own welfare not for being persecuted or appalled but for better prospective and prosperity.

Let’s wait and watch what will occur in future, continue defense spending or time spending on peacemaking and unification.   

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