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The fish is thirsty is the water-Kabir Das

The fish is thirsty is the water-Kabir Das

Miracle of inner world

Kabir Das was a very famous  and supreme spiritual sage of his time.

He removed the darkness of ignorance from the life of the people  and brought a spiritual revolution in the life of all the devotees.

He equally attacked the hypocrisy and evils of all religions and made people aware that God is seated inside in the  heart of all person and  in all human beings beyond conventional method or religion preaching .

God is equal for all and can be easily found through spiritual mentor teaching and guidance and through meditation technique taught by Guru.

He wrote a very good hymn in which he showed the path of spiritual attainment of Guru and God and attacked superstition and religious radicalization prevailing the common society in his  simple words.

पानी में मीन पियासी, मोहे सुन-सुन आवे हासी.

Pani Me Meen Pyasi Mohe Sun-Sun Ave Hasi

Despite water all around and everywhere, the fish is still thirsty in the water and I am laughing at this.

The Supreme God is within all of us and we are still entangled in the outside hypocrisy and searching for God in the outer world.

ज्ञान विना नर सोवही ऐसे, क्या मथुरा क्या काशी

मिर्ग नाभि में है कस्तूरी , वन-वन फिरत उदासी

Gyan Bina Nar Sovhi Aise, Kya Mathura Kya Kashi

Mirg Nabhi Me Hai Kasturi, Ban Ban Phirat Udashi

If a man does not have true knowledge of God, then no matter if  he goes to Mathura or Kashi or any other holy places to visit the religious shrine.

But he will not get peace, he will continue to wander needlessly.

As the musk is inside the musk-dear, but he inadvertently searches it in the forests and feel upset.

When does not know the source of fragrance while the source is inside and very near to him.. There is a God inside a human being as well and in the shelter of a true  great man or a spiritual mentor, he can know it easily.

विधि हरी हर जाको धयान करत है, मुनि जान सहस अठ्सी

सोई हंस तेरे घट माहि, अलख पुरुष अभिनाशी

Vidhi Hari Har Joko Dhayan Kart hai, Muni Jan Sahas Athasi

Soi Hans Tere Ghat Mahi, Alakh Purush Avinashi

Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh and millions of deities and sadhus and saints meditate day and night of supreme God

That Supreme God is inside all of us, there is no need to search for him outside.

है घट में पर दूर बतावे, दूर की बात निराशी

कहत कबीर सुनो भई साधो, गुरु बिन भरम ना जासी

Hai Ghat Me Par Dur Batave, Dur Ki Baat Nirashi

Kahat Kabir Suno Bhi Sadho, Guru Bin Baram Na Jasi

Kabir says that the Supreme God is seated inside all of us, but some ignorant people show him in outer rituals or in worshiping and  in outer world

which is very disappointing and misleading. Until we find a true, simple, knowledgeable spiritual mentor Satguru, we will keep wandering in the outer world and our illusions will not disappear.

Therefore, we should go to the shelter of a true Satguru or a master for getting real spiritual knowledge.

By God grace he will remove our all doubt regarding that supreme almighty God and that supreme God will be felt in our heart.

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