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The Age of Downfall (Kalyuga) Enigmas Unwrapped

The Age of Downfall   (Kalyuga) Enigmas Unwrapped

Rahu is a king  maker or breaker in the age of downfall

Rahu is considered most evil planets in Vedic astrology.

Rahu is a shadow entity, one that causes eclipses and is the king of meteors.

It is a shadow planet does not have any existence only show illusory world far away from reality.

Rahu is usually paired with Ketu which is also considered to be a shadow planet.

Although Rahu is an evil and inauspicious planet and represents materialism, mischief, fear, insatiable, obsession and confusion.

Why Rahu is insatiable? Amazing logic, Rahu only has head no lower body.  When we eat food first go through tongue taste is felt then food goes lower part of body.

Rahu does not have lower body just represent the upper head.

Therefore, Rahu- affected person always feel insatiable and tend to have binge eating.   Such people keep eating but doesn’t get satisfaction and always feel something is missing.

Rahu represents meat & all animal based food, smoking, drugs and alcohol. All these things are a kind of addictions and never give you a real satisfaction like normal food.

Have you ever observed a chain-smoker keep smoking and never get real satisfaction.

Boozer feel the same way,  keep drinking and goes away from reality Rahu put them into a fantasy world.

As sometime real world is full of ups and downs with lot of expectations and responsibilities.

By taking drugs, cigarette and booze which direct affect their head and mind and a transitory ecstasy is attained but after a moment they come back to their insatiable nature.

This is a hidden secrete of Rahu. It can also be can called dopamine impact on our mind in a scientific language.

Surprisingly, the nature has its own limit and always creates a balance if something is excess or imbalanced by over utilizing.

Overeating of natural or plant based food like fruits, food grains and vegetables is rarely found and give long-lasting satisfaction.

Rahu is a hidden planet without having any real existence . Therefore, it represents  hidden things which cannot be seen like electricity or in modern day internet.

Although Rahu is an evil, illusionary, inauspicious, malefic planet but in an age of downfall (Kaliyug) where money & materialism prevailing and given top preferences everywhere.

Rahu is a king of kings, so it can make or break.

Wealth, opulence, money and power cannot be attained without the grace of Rahu.

That’s why  It is called a  king of modern era.  For instance, Rahu represents electricity and internt both are hidden and cannot be seen by eyes.

However, since industrial revolution electricity and internet has brought a significant transformation in human life. 

Needless to say that Rahu is ruling entire world in a form of Electricity and internet.

Google the most powerful company and search engine used by everyone to get a information on internet is a indirect form of Rahu.  

Any small or big information is just a click away from google.

Internet and electricity are co-related so both have a strong influence on each other and indirectly helping Rahu to have a stronghold worldwide.

Dark web is also a strong form of Rahu and access by limited people.

Rahu is also representing acting, as Rahu himself is a great actor in a mythological story while lord Vishnu distributing nectar demon Rahu dressed up like celestial and seated in their row to drink nectar to be immortal.

He is a great imposter, imitator and deceiver.

 In cinema Rahu represent all actors who act in front of camera and everybody knows the difference between a real and reel life.

To be a legend in cinematic world Rahu must be in good position in a person’s horoscope.

Rahu is also associated with politicians as they are also a great actor and imposter .

Most of them are seen only during election making rhetoric speech and hollow promise beyond reality and economic formula. 

Emphasizing on facilitate process of curbing black money, giving 24×7 electricity and water to all, employment to all.

However, once election result is out after winning they go missing for another five years. Immodestly, come back after five year to make same unfulfilled promises.

All unethical and short way of making quick money processes are also associated with Rahu like gambling, share market, prostitution and underworld or mafia.

All these are high risk zones and packed with deceiver and imitator who lure and trap you to make quick money or enjoying and could turn you into a king or pauper overnight.

Needless to say thousands of innocent and naïve girls are being pushed in prostitution forcefully to make quick and easy money.

Venus the mentor or Guru of demons represents sex and lust.

Rahu is known for unethical sexual activities and extra marital affairs prevailing in the age of downfall.

In share market, big companies & the operators set up a game of option chain to trap a gullible and naïve investors.

Booming gambling industry is also come under influence of Rahu. 

Las Vegas is a hub of gambling having maximum renowned casino, millions are being earned or lost in a moment in these casino and credit goes to Rahu a king of modern era.

In a golden age (Satyug) there was a great value for wisdom and knowledge given by spirutla mentor Jupiter.

However, in an age of downfall (Kalyuga) everything is ruled by Rahu which is far away from conventional and traditional knowledge & wisdom.

Rahu makes own rules and regulations to get a quick desired results.

But always remain insatiable & unquenchable just pushing modern people into materialism and fantasy world by creating hallucination of guaranteed satisfaction and elation.

Demon or evil Rahu who drunk nectar by disguising celestial indeed is a king of this age of downfall(Kalyuga).

Physical pleasure, wealth, luxury and all opulence which are transitory could be quickly imparted by Rahu.

However  a real bliss, ecstasy, transcended elation, soul-sustaining happiness and long-lasting inner satisfaction can only be attainted  by worshipping, praying and meditating  unconditionally to almighty God .

The short story of Rahu

Rahu is found in the Puranic genre of mythology.

The tales begin in the “remotest periods of prehistoric time, when the gods and asuras churned the Milk Ocean to extract from it the Amrita, the elixir of immortality.

 Rāhu was present at that time and overcome with pride.

Mohini, the female avatar of Vishnu, started distributing Amrit to the Devtaas.

However, one Danav, Svarbhanu, sat in the row of devtaas and drank the Amrit.

The Sun God and the Moon God noticed him and they informed Mohini; however, by that time Svarbhanu, had already became immortal.

Vishnu as Mohini cut off Svarbhanu’s head with Sudarshan Chakra. Rahuketu could not die but his head was separated from his body and his head came to be known as Rahu, while his body came to be known as Ketu.

Following this event, Rahu and Ketu were given the responsibility to influence the lives of the humans on Earth.

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