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Tension on border with China, Pakistan & Nepal

Tension on border with China, Pakistan & Nepal

Conflict over the border with neighboring countries

The world is already experiencing corona epidemic. But even in this pandemic environment, China has no rest and creating tension on border.

 The whole world is accusing China of spreading the corona virus. America is preparing to take it to international court.

China has been stung by all these incidents. Want to spread the attention of the world, by again starting an old border dispute with India. And under his influence, Pakistan and Nepal are also supporting China well.

Recently, there was a scuffle and stone pelting between the soldiers of India and China.

The border dispute has started again in Ladakh and North Sikkim. Tension on the border has increased after the face-off between Indian and Chinese soldiers. The number of troops on the border has been increased by both India and China. Due to which a war-like situation has arisen.

China is in a tizzy due to the Indian Army building a road along the Line of Actual Control in eastern Ladakh.

Chinese helicopters sneaked into Indian territory to intimidate the Indian Army. But the Indian Army bravely drove out helicopters from its land.

Chinese soldiers trying to obstruct the road construction work north of Pangong Tso Lake by Indian troops, have set up their tents near the Galvan valley in Ladakh.

The Galvan Valley region in which China is increasing its troops has been the focal point in the 1962 India-China war. India has also increased its troops there in retaliation. Due to this hot summer between the two countries, the tension at the borders is increasing continuously.

Meanwhile, it is learned that additional troops of the Indian Army have been sent to monitor the disputed border in many areas in North Sikkim as well. In Nathula Pass in Sikkim, there is often tension in the border between China and India.

Due to Corona virus, the world is positively looking at India for a solution of this pandemic. Which China and Pakistan do not like. Many international companies want to move from China to India so that China’s dominance in trade world can be ended. This has shocked China.

Pakistan is also afraid of losing the POK and giving helping hand to China by deploying more troops on border. So that India could not take its strong side on POK.

China has also invested a lot of money on the CPEC China-Pakistan Economic Corridor and avoiding any kind of tension in POK to run project in a hassle free manner.

Recently, the tone of Nepal has also changed. Nepal is also increasing the border dispute with India.

Stopping India from building roads on the border and backing China and Pakistan by speaking the language of China and Pakistan and also adopting their foreign policy.

So this border dispute and tension is very frightening. All these issues will have to be dealt with diplomatically. Otherwise, war can be waged in neighboring countries and which will destroy economy in an unprecedented and unrecoverable way and lead to the apocalypse. 

Pakistan, China, Nepal and India are developing countries. The economical condition of all these countries is already very bad due to Corona virus. If there was a war, it would take everyone to back 20 years and a large population would suffer due to hunger and unemployment.

These countries need to spend a large part of the budget on education, health and country building for the development of their population. But if this border dispute continues, then the defense budget of these countries will increase. Which will give the government less money to spend on the public welfare.

China is also not in a position to wage direct war with India. Because China also knows that India is a very big market in the world. There is a huge amount of trade between India and China. Which is very important for both developing economy.

Secondly, Indo-US relations have become very strong recently. So China will think a thousand times before going to war with India. There is already a trade war tussle going on between China and America.

But India should not take this border dispute lightly. And the troops and weapons should be deployed at the appropriate time in the borders. Simultaneously, the border dispute with the neighboring countries should be settled peacefully in a diplomatic way.

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