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Tanishk Bagchi King of Hindi Remix & Remake Songs

Tanishk Bagchi King of Hindi Remix & Remake Songs

Remakes and remix songs in Indian music

Indian is movie and music lover. 

Every year around 2000 films in different languages ​​are produced in India.

All these films also have music. Indian music industry is very big.

There is a young and experienced musician of every type who makes all kinds of music according to the needs of actors, producers, directors and the public.

Today we will talk about Tanishk Bagchi, who has been dominated in the Hindi music world by remakes and remix songs and music for some time. 

He has huge fan-following and  youth has become crazy for his remake songs.

Even some experienced musicians are definitely giving their response that the remix and remake music is not good.

It is not original and hinders the development of music and their years of hard work is copied & stolen. 

Despite this, Tanishq remains in demand and his remakes and remix songs are becoming popular.

Perhaps the whole game is about demand and supply in music industry.

When there is demand in the market, remixes and remakes are also being made and sold, and Tanishq is making a unique contribution to it.

The credit of all this goes to the young musician Tanishk Bagchi. 

He has remaked and remixed Hindi songs in a different and melodious way. His songs are on the top list and are becoming popular among the youth.

Tanishk Bagchi was born in Kolkata. His parents are also musicians. So since childhood, he enjoyed music. 

He started his career with the song Banno from the film Tanu Weds Manu Returns . 

And he did not look back after this and soon made a distinct identity in the Indian music world through remakes and remix songs.

His first remake song was for the Humma Humma film Ok Jaanu.

Initially this song was not much liked but later this song was seen by 270 millio people on YouTube.

After that Tanishk Bagchi has a distinct identity of its own, “Gulabi Retro Mix (Remake)”, “Tamma Tamma Again (Remake)”, “Chatur Naar (Remake)”, “Tu Cheez Badi (Remake)” “Mere Rashke Qamar ( Remake) “,” Raat Baki (Remake) “,” Aashiq Banaya Aapne (Remake) “,” Gazab Ka Hai Din (Remake) “,” Dilbar “(Remake),” Gali Gali Mein Phirta Hai (Remake) “,” Aankh Maarey (Remake), “Coca Cola Tu (Remake)” “O Saki Saki” (Remake), “Tum Par Hum Hai Atke” (Remake), Ankhiyon Se Goli Maare (Remake), Ole Ole 2.0 (Remake) Songs Along with many more remixes and remake songs.

Tanishk not only just create remake/remix songs but many of his original composed songs like “Badri Ki Dulhania (Title Track)”, “Baarish” “Sweety Tera Drama” “Tera Hua” “Ve Maahi” are very sweet and popular.

Tanishk Bagchi given opportunity for singing to many singers Dhvani Bhanushali, Jubin Nautiyal, and Dev Negi and gave a new height to their career.

Many partisans of the music world also strongly criticized the remixes and remake songs of Tanishq.

Tanishq also says that he also did not want to do all this before. But suddenly a round of remixes and remakes went on and popular and then he went on doing all this.

We hope that  Tanishk Bagchi  will continue compose melodious music as he composed in the songs “Tera Hua, Way Mahi” and “Gazab Ka Hai Din (Remake)”. 

He will continue grow in this phase and maintain his sovereignty in the world of remixe and remake songs.

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