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Sleeping paralysis a hallucination or reality?

Sleeping paralysis a hallucination or reality?

The mysterious world of the brain and dreams

Sleeping paralysis is a very scary condition that occurs to some people during sleep or in a raised state.

It is a mysterious disease and research is going on all over the world right now.

During this night, when the person is in the middle of sleep and does not sleep deeply.

So he feels that some evil spirit or power is suppressing him, especially on the chest.

During this time he is very scared. He cannot move  or speak during sleeping paralysis conditions

In influence of hallucination He sees, feels many negative things which is related to the myth or illusion and gets scared badly.

Many know that there are three stages of sleep.

In the first stage you go to sleep, in the second stage you are in the dream world.

The third stage is considered best when you are in deep sleep and both your mind and body are calm.

Sleeping paralysis occurs in the second stage of sleep.

When the body falls asleep, but mind is still active and not calm.

 The mind suddenly gets information through dreams that some negative power wants to do you evil.

The mind wakes up in alert and panic mode but the body is still sleeping.

So by sudden panic person wants to move or speak but he gets paralyzed.

This process lasts about 2 to 3 minutes.

Till then the person remains in paralysis and even if he wants, he has no control over his body and he feels out of body experience occasionally.

Hence this condition is called Sleeping paralysis. Many people also see this by connecting with religion.

They say that it is caused by the ghost  or evil spirits  and those with weak minds or suffering from mental disorder or depression are soon victims of it.

Vedic  astrology stated that the people whose moon is weak in horoscope and evil planets like Saturn, Rahu and Ketu have their eyes on it.

Such people are affected by sleeping paralysis.

They should worship and meditate on Lord Shiva and also pour water to Shivlinga to ward off evil affects of planets.

It is a very mysterious disease. There has been very little research on this.

Therefore, in most cases it is said that this is just an illusion and will be over with time.

Scientists say that people who do not sleep properly, who are worried much and those who are victims of depression, they often suffer from sleep paralysis.

They need to relax and calm their mind before sleeping and stop overthinking.

In today’s fast- paced life, when humans do not sleep properly.

In recent time, the sleeping paralysis is increasing among worried and upset people very rapidly.

It is said that a man’s mind is very powerful and filled with overthinking and planning of future.

In a day man does not have control of some activities and some work or desires remained unfulfilled.

Despite of his full effort and diligence mankind is helpless against mighty nature and destiny, so he does not have full control on the day’s events.

Therefore, the mind fulfills that desire or restlessness through dreams in the night.

When we are in the dream state, the mind becomes restless. Sleeping paralysis occurs.

The spiritual science research foundation has proved that it occurs due to negativity and evil the deeds of previous birth and can be cured through spiritual practices.

This can be overcome by salt water remediation. Black salt is a powerful remedy to fight against  negativity and evil forces.

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