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Sex Education in Indian Schools

Sex Education in Indian Schools

Right balance of body, mind and soul and right thinking

Recently a strange incident occurred in Delhi, the capital of India .

The police arrested a minor boy who was the operator of a indecent group (Boys Locker Room) on whatapp.

In this group, many minor school students from 13 years to 18 years used to tamper with the photos of minor girls among themselves and share those photos on Whatapp group.

They used to make lewd and vulgar comments on those photos for amusement.

 In the group, the discussion of vulgarity, gang-rape and body shaming were prevalent in that chat room.

It is surprising that even the parents of the students did not know on what their children were involved during Corona lockdown.

Earlier it was said that unethical things like gang rape and rape have to do with poor and uneducated society.

But after this incident it seems that the mentality of upper and educated class is also getting worse towards the woman.

In recent time, there is a big jump in crimes against women.

These types of incidents make the parents of girls even more worried.

One thing is certain from this that sex education is very much needed in schools in India.

School students are taking information about sexual matters from the unreliable and risky sources.

India is the country where Kamasutra was written in very detailed form.

But unfortunate sex is still considered to be untidy in society.

Parents and society shy away from talking openly on sex.

That’s why children also take the medium of internet nowadays which is harmful for them.

In this era of inflation, most parents are working-class and they do not have time for children.

They are unable to find out in from office where their children are busy after coming from school.

Nowadays, adult material is easily available on the internet.

According to a survey, the most porn movies are seen in India and Pakistan.

A large number of them are also seen by teenagers.

All these things distort the minds of students and later they form obscene groups on whatapp.

Anyway, nowadays Western culture is dominated in India and the woman is shown as an indulgence or sex object on TV-cinema and in advertising.

This has a bad effect on the students’ minds.

The body itself is believed to be everything.  

Instagram is also promoting physical appearance of human being.

Real love, which is far away from vulgarity and lust, is becoming extinct from society.

Now is the right time to provide the right sex education to these wandering and gullible students.

Teach them to have true love and respect the woman.

In the age of downfall ( Kali Yuga), physical attraction is being  given importance on all social media platform Facebook, whatapp, instagram.

In such a situation, students can be made aware of the soul through a little spiritual education.

So that physical and spiritual balance is maintained in their life

And they do not deviate from their development path and love the woman in the right way and respect them unconditionally.

Do not consider them just as an object of enjoyment and sex which is beyond our cultural value.

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