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Religious or Spiritual-Hindu & Muslim Diversification

Religious or Spiritual-Hindu & Muslim Diversification

Gone beyond nature and differences are created

Hindus and Muslims have been living in India for thousands of years. 

There is a lot of similarity between the two religions. But for thousands of years, rulers put less emphasis on equality and more on inequalities for their meaning and gain.

The ideological differences between Hindus and Muslims started 1000 years ago since the war between Prithviraj Chauhan and Mohammad Gauri. 

It seems that even today, in the present time, the soldiers of both of them are reborn and keep fighting again through thoughts and demoralize each other and proclaim themselves to be the best.

For thousands of years, both sides have been living in religious fanaticism and are far from spiritual.

 Somewhere religion brings arrogance and does not follow holistic approach and develop limitation among people. 

Whereas spirituality is unlimited  and holistic and show love,compassion and empathy for all beings, whether it is of our religion or not.

Religion is like a set rules and regulations pertaining to duality and occasionally bring proud and ego to the followers.

Example of duality is Hindu-Muslim, rich-poor, Shiva-Vishnu, Shia-Sunni, fair-black, female-male.

Rafi sahab sung a song that ……

You will not become a Hindu or become a Muslim, you will become a human being

The God made every human being human, we made him a Hindu or a Muslim

Nature has given us the same land, we made somewhere India and Iran.

The above mentioned words are very deep, even today, the Hindu-Muslim issue continues flourishing everywhere, because of inequality, not of unity. 

No media channel put Hindu-Muslim debate unbiased most of them take the side of one group.

Probably because of political and economic reasons because in modern time money is honey and there is a little value for honest and unbiased journalism.

Media personnel are also going through a tough economic uncertainty. The media personnel also have the same belief that they also have family, they also have to pay their bills.

The Kalyug is dominated by religious things and the media has little support for the spirituality and truth.

Money and revenue are being earned by showing untruth, controversial and vague issues. 

Honest and whistle bowler person are kept aside and living a low-profile life.

Therefore, the media is compelled to promote unworthy issues to sustain in this cut-throat competition.

Perhaps the mindset has been transformed that media cannot run on the basis of truth, so things are being hyped unnecessarily.

Most of the media channel showing Hindu-Muslim debate which nothing to do with country progress. The matter of unemployment, education and health are subdued.

Therefore, Hindu and Muslim appeasement happens from time to time and there is more emphasis given on becoming Hindu-Muslim, taking us away from real humanity. 

This issue is also so powerful that even the British used it a lot and now the modern governments are also using it divide and rule the people.

All religious texts teach love, empathy, respect, kindness and tolerance.

But a negative influence in the form of Kalyug gets dominated in current era inciting innocent and naive people to be radicalized and justifying killing of people in communal riots. 

The positive atmosphere of years maintained by peace-lover and harmonious people is being destroyed  in a short moment of negativity. 

Man converting into a religious animal and starts killing each other.

Some religious gurus also sometimes change the interpretation of religious texts for their own meaning or some people understand their thoughts differently as in the Gita, Lord Krishna tells Arjuna that you must fight this is your karma.

If you win, then the empire of the whole world will be yours and if you die, heaven will be received.

But in reality Arjun needs fight with people of other religions or in real life with his own day to day anger, lust, greed and ego. It is a matter of thinking and understanding.

Unfortunately, the Upnishad who support and promote one God theory and a holistic approach are not being promoted or addressed by today’s politician or spiritual leader.

The importance is given to ritual and religious radicalization to make dominance in politics.

Similarly, Jhihad is also being differently interpreted by some fundamentalist for their own gain, is it a fight from the people of another caste or religion or it is fight  from the devil, but the definitions are all different for people according to their mindset

But a true spiritual person never spreads hatred and does not taint mankind for what he means.

Therefore, in modern times it is necessary to be human than Hindu-Muslim .

The nature is our true mentor which does not discriminate.

The nature of water is to drown if a person of any religion comes; it does not discriminate but also sinks to all even to atheist as well.

Similarly, any human being, whether religious-irreligious, good-bad, fair-black, rich-poor, that supremely powerful God gives everyone the same breath as life. 

Hindu-Muslim issues have been redeemed very much in the past and now it is time to redeem human issues in an educated society and develop humanities rather than developing a particular religion, caste or person. 

The religious person can be instigated because his thinking is limited but the spirit of the spiritual person is unlimited and he considers everyone his own. 

Religion is not wrong, but it is the bottom most seat to reach the highest spiritual level, which is also the essence of the Upanishads and sees that ultimate non-duality or God in all beings.

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