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Rahu & Saturn Conjunction (Shrapit Dosh) Boon or Bane

Rahu & Saturn Conjunction (Shrapit Dosh) Boon or Bane

A tug of war between traditional and modern ethics

What is Shrapit Dosh or Pitar Dosh?

Shrapit Dosh or Pitar Dosh is formed when in a horoscope a conjunction of Saturn & Rahu is made and placed in any house.

Vedic Astrology is like a sea and most of the modern astrologers use a drop of a sea water to predict events or provide remedy to clients.

There are thousands of good and evil conjunctions of planets explained in Vedic Astrology.

However, the conjunction between Saturn and Rahu is considered the most frightening and deadly.

Significance of Saturn in Vedic Astrology

Saturn and Rahu both are evil planets Saturn represents hardship, pain, suffering, depression, hindrance, obstacles and bottleneck in life. 

It’s the slowest planet and gives its fruits after a lot of efforts and hardships.

Saturn is also a lord of justice and brings ups and downs in our life according to our past life karma.

Saturn is also a karaka and lord of 6th, 8th and 12th house mainly these houses are related to detachment and sufferings.

These houses mostly bring misery, sorrow, poverty, accidents, unnecessary expenses, hospitalization, debts & disease unless aspect by good planets.

Saturn is considered a judge it delivers fruits of our deeds. It is also a great teacher taking us through a major spiritual transformation of our life.

Saturn is a reality and takes us away from imaginary or fantasy world, fairy tales and daydreaming does not fit in Saturn world.

To get success and outcome you must go through a proper channel and hard work there is no shortcut for achieving a desire result in Saturn domain.

Saturn does not like inaction, laziness, procrastination, running away from responsibilities and making money from illegal channel.

Saturn also makes person spiritual by constantly giving him hardship and problems in materialistic life.

Needless to say that majority of people in age of downfall (Kalyuga) pray, remember or worship God when they go through an odds circumstances in their life, so by giving hardship indirectly Saturn force or push them into spirituality to teach a real and higher purpose of life.

Significance of Rahu in Vedic Astrology

Rahu is considered most evil planet in Vedic astrology.

Rahu is a shadow entity, one that causes eclipses and is the king of meteors. It is a shadow planet does not have any existence only show illusory world far away from reality.

According to Vedic Astrology Rahu is an evil and inauspicious planet and represents materialism, mischief, fear, insatiable, obsession and confusion.

Why Rahu is insatiable? Amazing logic, Rahu only has head no lower body.  When we eat food first go through tongue taste is felt then food goes into lower part of body.

Rahu does not have lower body just represent the upper head.

Therefore, Rahu- affected person always feel insatiable and tend to have binge eating.   Such people keep eating but doesn’t get satisfaction and always feel something is missing.

Rahu represents meat & all animal based food, smoking, drugs and alcohol. These are a kind of addictions and never give you satisfaction like normal food.

Have you ever observed chain-smoker keep smoking and never get real satisfaction.

Boozer feel the same way,  keep drinking and goes away from reality Rahu push them into a fantasy world.

As sometime real world is full of ups and downs with lot of expectations and responsibilities.

By taking drugs, cigarette and booze which direct affect their head and mind they transitory ecstasy but after a moment they come back to their insatiable nature.

This is a hidden secrete of Rahu you can aslo call it dopamine effects on our mind in a scientific language.

Surprisingly, nature has its own limit and always creates a balance if something is excess or imbalanced.

Google the most powerful company and search engine used by everyone to get a information on internet is a indirect form of Rahu.  Any small or big information is just a click away from google.

Internet and electricity are co-related so both have a strong influence on each.

Dark web is a strong form of Rahu and access by a limited people.

Why Rahu & Saturn conjunction is considered inauspicious   

Although Saturn and Rahu both are evil planets but both have different nature.

On the one side  Saturn represents  hard work, discipline, social welfare, honesty, integrity, traditional and conventional things in our life.

On the other side Rahu represents taking shortcut to get desired result, conning, deceiving, lying, imitating, disguising, stealing, gambling, betting and taking drugs.

Rahu always take shortcut and form new unconventional policies to get desired result.

For instance, Saturn is like a teacher who keeps guiding students to study well throughout the year to get the good marks in examination.

However, Rahu promotes shortcut and unconventional method of study by copying or cheating in examination.

Copying in the examination is not good for students by copying or cheating in exam students would take way from real wisdom and knowledge which is attained through proper studying and in a company of an experienced mentor.  

Negative Aspect of this Conjunction

A person who have Saturn & Rahu conjunction in horoscope always feel a tug of war between the heart and mind while making important decisions of life.

Saturn encourages a person to do good deeds or karma and also by promoting, motivating and advocating perseverance, patience, diligence, confidence, peacefulness, Justice, sensitive to lower class people, empathy and sympathy for poor & needy and determination to get a desired result.

While Rahu is totally opposite to Saturn advocate paranoid, impulsive, insecure, hostile, dishonest, withdrawn, isolated, cruel, illogical, melodramatic, manipulative, superficial, irresponsible, jealous, bossy and pushy nature of a person.

Rahu & Saturn conjunction also called a Shrapit Dosh or Pitra Dosh mean a person having such a combination in a horoscope was cursed by someone in his past life due to his inhuman and bad deeds.

A person having Shrapit Yog in horoscope goes through a lot of ups and downs in his life and unable to enjoy comforts and luxury in life. 

It is considered a very bad conjunction and may cause a number of issues and problems in a person life like depression, suicidal tendency, mental disorder, divorce, isolation, fighting with family members, dissatisfaction and tension in professional life, premature death, obstacles and hindrance in making money or buying property, instability in life, social boycott or alienation.

It’s seen that such a person is also possessed or haunted by Ghosts and Spirits.

However, on the basis of planets placement in horoscope does not mean that a person will experience above bottleneck in his life.

A lot of other aspects to be also checked in horoscope to make a correct and accurate prediction.

Planet’s sign, nakshtra, aspects, position, strengths and friendship is also play a vital role to declare the result.

Positive Aspect of this conjunction

Rahu is called a king maker or breaker in the age of downfall (Kalyuga), so if Rahu is strong in a horoscope such a person can attain a new height in his life especially in politics and mafia world.

In today’s world Rahu manipulation and cunningness is widely used by politician to get elected.

Liquor business, gambling, dark web, electricity, cinema, prostitution, mafia, profiteering and black money and all others illegal and taboo function of society related to sin products come under Rahu dominance.

Therefore to get a quick money, name & fame this combination is very fruitful, however sometime it does not last for a longer period and person witness a severe downfall in his life.  

Shrapit Dosh and its effective remedy

The best remedy for this combination is worshipping lord Shiva.

We cannot change our destiny or effects of bad karma of past life however by worshiping lord Shiva or offering water to Shivlinga person get a peace of mind and power to fight back to odd circumstance.

Saturn and Rahu can only be pacified by worshipping lord shiva, as lord Shiva is respected and regarded by both Demon and  Dev (celestial God).

He is a God of Gods (Devo ke Dev Mahadev) does not discriminate and give his blessing to all irrespective of their creed, cast, color, religion or ideology.

Serving poor and needy people on Saturday also ward off the negative effects of this combination.

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