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Phobjikha Valley Bhutan’s Spiritual Paradise

Phobjikha Valley Bhutan’s Spiritual Paradise

Black Knack Crane Festival (Phobjikha Valley)

Bhutan is a beautiful country surrounded by mountains. 

Bhutan is the only country in the world that measures the happiness of its citizens through GNH (Gross National Happiness) . 

The United Nations has also praised Bhutan’s move.

By the way, there are many tourist spots in Bhutan such as Buddha Point , Tiger Nest and Thimphu Clock Tower.

However, if you want to be a bit relaxed from hustle bustle of urban life. So you must visit Phobjikha Valley in Bhutan .

Phobjikha Valley is a huge U-shaped valley in central Bhutan. The valley is one of the influential ancient Buddhist monasteries in Bhutan , known as Gangteng Monastery of the Ningma sect in central Bhutan.

The expansive valley , with its most famous marshy land in Bhutan, is popular for its magnificent splendor and cultural uniqueness.

The valley has an expanding biodiversity and , in addition , the globally threatened black-throated Crane Grus nigricollis , another 13 globally threatened species.

Within the scope of the valley , an area of approximately 163 square kilometers ( 63 sq mi) has been declared a protected area , managed by the Royal Society for Protection of Nature (RSPN) , which is authorized for the conservation of nature.

In winter, beautiful black-necked cranes visit the valley during the winter season.

Phobjikha Valley is located in a very quiet environment. The population here is also almost 4500.

Most people are farmers or government employees.  It is mostly a deserted area with few household and hotel.

Here people mainly do potato farming and animal husbandry. People here are playful, naïve, friendly, straightforward and get mixed up with people from outside very quickly.

Even they are mostly cut off from mainstream world.

Most tourists come to Phobjikha Valley only in October and November as it is a festival season. The Black Knack Crane Festival is celebrated every year on 12 November.

In this, children entertain the people by wearing black neck crane dress. 

Many tourists from all over the world especially come here to see the Black Neck Crane.

 Another special festival celebrated by the people of the valley is the annual Tsechu , which is held at the Gangteng Monastery from 5th to 10th day of the eighth lunar month according to the Bhutanese calendar .  

 Mask dance is a special feature of the festival. The festival attracts many foreign tourists.

So if you plan to come here, then you will have to make advance booking.

It is the most suitable place for meditation and spiritual development. 

There is a lot of monastery here where the teaching of intelligence and Buddhist philosophy is taught. 

In January and February, there is a lot of snowfall here and the weather is very cold.

In fact, Phobjikha Valley is a paradise not only in Bhutan but also on the earth. 

Where you can experience a deeper level of inner peace away from the noise of outer urban world, which is memorable throughout your life.

You get the blessings of Lord Buddha by visiting the old monasteries here and you also get to meet a deep spiritual consciousness on your own.

You experience a spiritual beatitude effortlessly here and deeply connect with your soul and also witness an unprecedented bliss that cannot be spoken or shared, it can only be felt calmly.

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