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Patal Lok New Web Series exploring Modern Society & Casteism

Patal Lok New Web Series exploring Modern Society & Casteism

A mysterious new web series on Amazon Prime

The web series Patal Lok, produced under Anushka Sharma’s production house Clean Slate Films, was released on Amazon Prime on 15 May. 

This web series is being appreciated by the viewers. And due to Corona virus lockdown, people sitting at home have got a new web series full of fun, suspense and excitement.

 A large number of viewers watching  this web series and are also enjoying the new content while staying athome.

In this web series, all aspect of life like mafia, politics, journalism, violence, sex, casteism, religious bigotry have been shown very well.

The well-known actors like Jaideep Ahlawat, Neeraj Kabi, Abhishek Banerjee and Swastika Mukherjee have done a great job and have screened every character.

The story begins with Inspector Hathi Ram Chaudhary, who tells about three universe. Heaven  where gods live and life is very relaxed. 

Earth where humans live and there is a balance in life, sometimes good or sometimes bad. 

In the end, underworld Patal Lok or which is the lowest world where insects or demons live and life is hell.

The author of Patal Lok, Sudeep Sharma has written a very bold and live story. 

Which touch the hearts and minds of the viewers.

Jaideep Ahlawat has played the character of Hathi Singh Chaudhary in a very lively manner.

He is considered foolish and naïve to resolve the high-profile case.

How does he solve this high profile case while facing all the problems?

It is worth of watching. His day to day struggle with his wife and teenage son and then the scene of his solution is also very good.

 Jaideep has done an amazing performance in Patal Lok. It seems he will have a long and solid career in acting.

He just needs some good opportunities and directors who can bring more maturity to his acting.

What kinds of problems are faced by a young Muslim officer while working in office is amazing to watch?

How is Muslim society perceived by the majority society? All of these subjects have been very well adapted and directed.

Childhood violence and bullying impact on children’s mind. 

It is portrayed well in the role of Hathoda Singh. His love for dogs and how this make and change the entire script and show a very strong drama.

How child abuse happens in the lower society has also been filmed very well.

What is the attitude of society towards a eunuch and what kind of  struggles they face in day to day life.

It has also been shown well. How is a woman exploited and dragged in every problem and conflict? It has also been shown very well and deeply.

Religious hypocrisy and bigotry have also been shown very deeply. 

How a Brahmin leader dines at a lower caste for Vote and then takes a bath with the holy Ganga water.

How a naive person is killed just for the sake of non-vegetarian food. 

All these events in rural areas really make the viewer think that it is a reel life or real life.

How difficult it is for the media and police to work impartially due to the pressure from high profile politicians.

It is explained meticulously by the writers and directors and shown in the right values.

At the end there is a very good and educative hymn of Kabir “Sakal Hans Hans Ram Biraje”

It means that God and Rama are seated in the heart of  all human beings.

God is one and non-monotheistic and away from the dualities like high-low, Hindu-Muslim, rich-poor, fair-black and male-female. 

One who learns that we should respect all and nobody should be exploited on the basis of religious, ethnic and physical or economic conditions.

Patal Lok is a very powerful and entertaining web series which shows many aspects of civilized society.

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