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Online Class For Students During Corona Lockdown

Online Class For Students During Corona Lockdown

Transformation in education

The Corona epidemic caused upheavals all over the world. All services are shut down and the people are shocked and distressed.

Especially for the students because the exam takes place only in March-April. At this time there is a lot of pressure to teach and perform better on the teachers and students. Advanced study is taken very seriously in the board examinations.

But in March this year, schools and colleges were closed due to Corona epidemic.  There was a unique challenge to teacher that how to teach student during this corona lockdown while staying home.

The government has allowed online class and all schools and collages implemented it. Online study it is a new experience for most of teachers and students in India.

Till now traditionally most of the students in schools are being taught face to face with discipline with their teachers.

But at present, during the process of online class, most of the zoom apps are downloaded. And all are connected to each other through internet.

Online study has started. This led to a solution to teach students during corona lock down, but how effective it is proving.

The response of students and teachers on this is yet to come in a comprehensive manner.

Internet services have become cheaper in India. But we are far behind in terms of quality and speed compared to developed countries.

Most local areas do not have a good internet speed or connectivity. So sometimes either the connection cannot be made or is broken. This creates a lot of frustration.

Maintaining discipline and equally focus on all student is a herculean task for the teachers during online classes. Therefore, a good coordination and tuning between the teacher and the student is almost absent or hard to achieve.

Many students forcefully join online classes at the behest of parents. Teachers also are not able to give proper attention to students . Many questions remain incomplete or to be answered.

Speaking and listening in communication is very important, but in online class it depends on the quality of mobile or computer, if devises are properly functioning with high quality. Communication will be available to all without any disturbance.

Due to frequent online classes and being busy on laptop / mobile, students are facing many physical problems. Such as pain in the eyes, red or itchy eyes and neck pain.

Sports and physical activities have also stopped due to the lock down of Corona virus so students are not able to get sound sleep and feeling and getting stressed.

The online class system is still new for students in schools. There will be many suggestions in it, so that it will be greatly improved. Gradually teachers and students will get used to it. It takes time to learn, understand and apply any new technological transformation.

Educational transformation initially gives trouble and irritation but gradually becomes a habit. It seems that online class is also a big change in the field of education for students and teachers. Which they will adopt slowly.

However, no one can take the place of traditional education. As there is a different impact on students mind when they are taught in schools in front of their respected teachers, such bounding is not feasible in online study.

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