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Neo definition of democracy and communism (America Vs China)

Neo definition of democracy and communism (America Vs China)

Eventually capitalist running the show and capitalism is realism

After the Second World War, the world got divided between two powerful ideologies.

Democratic and communist ideology. 

Democratic ideology was dominated in the US, while in the USSR presently Russia it was the communist ideology. 

Both countries fought a lot of proxy and diplomatic war to become superpowers and also waged indirect wars in other countries. 

During this time the world went through a period of cold war and a lot of nuclear & biological weapons were also manufactured. 

Both countries too were vying for space journey.

In 1991, post Soviet Union disintegration; America emerged as a world power. 

But at the present time, China is also slowly getting stronger and once again the struggle of democratic and communist ideology has started.

First of all know what Karl Marx said on the communism, his idea is that a governance system in which no one will exploit anyone, there will be no government, all the needs will be fulfilled, and no one will have any personal property, even Karl Marx has also described marriage as wrong. 

Because one according to him is male (exploitative) and female (exploited), another family is formed from which personal property is created. 

This idea and philosophy of Karl Marx seems unimaginable or utopian in this current era because everyone is a little bit capitalist and making money and creating personal wealth.

In the democratic system, we have been asked to choose and run a government through elections.

That is, there should not be a monopoly and changes can be made by the public from time to time. 

So that the phase of violent revolution and dictatorship does not come and there is a fear in the mind of chosen leaders that people can go against you in the next election.

If nothing is done for people and country advancement.

But till now only capitalism seems to win in both ideologies. For example, poor farmers in Russia and China revolutionized and killed rich people. 

Later on among these people some became rich and capitalist type of leader and the concept of development of a common person mentioned by Karl Marx remained in a dilemma. 

Because once the power comes, the lower working class also wants to stay in power. 

Lenin, Mao and Stalin were also from the exploited lower working class, but after coming to power they also start exploiting the people for safeguarding their power.

Equality was brought in the society to a great extent, but in the end all became capitalists, which is now happening in communist countries such as China and Russia. 

Not everyone is equal or equal distribution of resource so rich are getting richer and   poor are getting poor even in communist country. 

A group of capitalists are developing the country and running it indirectly with the help of bureaucracy.

The democratic country like America, where leaders are chosen by people and voting right is in hand of public.

There also , a  group of capitalist dominating and creating a huge wealth and creating a huge gap of income inequality.

In both places Karl Marx’s ideology of equality is fruitless and completely failed. 

Even today, 1% of the people of the world have all the wealth of the world and 99% people, whether in a democratic or communist country, still struggle to fulfill their daily needs.

In modern times, commercialization and consumption have only promoting the capitalism ideology. The democratic or communist ideology is not developing, adhering and just on paper to show people.

The rich are getting major chunk of all available resource and poorer just hoping that leaders would bring a major transformation in their life.

They are unaware that the leaders and politicians are just a puppet and string is on the hand of capitalist to make major public welfare decision.

Ironically, the exploited lower class people make a revolution by becoming a victim of exploitation and once power is obtained then they start exploiting others to remain in power this cycle has been going on since centuries..

Abraham Lincoln said that the real identity of a person is when power is given to him.

The history has been witnessing that when man got power, he exploited most of the people to get desired result of his insatiable lust and greed.

Needless to say that capitalism and consumption based society are the reality of the present times.

In any systems or ideologies, only a few people are selected by democratic or communist people hoping that they will bring prosperity and equality in the society.

But most of the time inequality prevailed and holistic approach to develop all is kept aside to get personal agenda and again the game of the master and the slave begins.

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