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Mind Vs Artificial Intelligence War is going on

Mind Vs Artificial Intelligence War is going on

The World is drive by the mind.

In a day thousands of thoughts pop ups in our mind and a few of them turn into reality.  

Artificial Intelligence and automation dramatically changing our life.  Mechanization has been augmented during Industrial revolution and eased off the pain of human being especially labour-class. 

Although communism still spreading all across the world and demanding more for labour-class despite of advancement in Mechanization.

All Artificial Intelligence are being created by human being but it’s started controlling human being. 

Human mind is incapable of understanding the repercussion of these breakthroughs.

All across the world especially in most populated countries like China & India are facing consequences for developing Artificial Intelligence and automation.

Earlier, making payment, disbursement of salary, paying water or power bills all these activities were executed manually by a major workforce.

However, now the real time process to complete such activities has come done strongly and resulting a major unemployment among young population.

Even for business and corporate house an input cost has been reduced tremendously by Artificial Intelligence.

However, collecting data and giving right to machine the decision so far taken by human being going to be very challenging.

As after all we are human being not a robot.

We have mix feeling of emotion & intelligence and keep changing thoughts and emotion unlike machine setting on a code and just follow a coding language meticulously and may be perfect for increasing business output and human non-stop greed to get more wealth.

But not good for human being to develop fully with peace and harmony which is taken by pragmatic approach.

World climate has already been changed dramatically in a few decades due to using of excess  resources from earth and electronic gadgets by developed country which a wake-up call for all of us before it is too late.

Developed nations are spending more on Artificial Intelligence and Defense to get more powerful and ignoring development and promotion of poor and marginalized people.  

The budget for Education, Health, housing and old age caring is continually going down.  

A few people are part of plutocracy and turning their dreams into reality which is nothing to do with basic need of human beings.

Going forward nobody knows who is going to win this Hi-Tech war of developed Artificial Intelligence.

However, ultimately human beings will be suffered as Machine doesn’t have mind to be perceived or engaging in deep brainstorming or mental trauma.

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