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Just Focus on Breath & Feel Unprecedented Bliss

Just Focus on Breath & Feel Unprecedented Bliss

World’s biggest miracle has been occurring under our nose which is coming and going of this breath effortlessly.

Unfortunately in today’s world we are so mind driven towards outer life that most of the time we forget the value of this breath. 

People forget to focus on breath or on meditation and they pray to God give me a good day, make my day successful. 

We are so busy with mind and outer world that hardly we think for a minute and feel the flood of this breath coming into us effortlessly.

I think these floods of breaths are the greatest gift for mankind by God.

Due to this breath we are in existence.

We are alive and we can talk, we can eat, we can sleep, we can think and do all the outer world activities because of coming and going of this breath effortlessly in our body.

What is present that is our breath, but we try to imagine the future or remember the past, but we cannot exist for even a second in the future or in the past.

Therefore, experience peace and joy is only possible in the moment called now.

Unfortunately, in this fast life we forget our true nature. We accept the nature of those around us.

However, if we look into the mirror within us we can feel inner peace that is something in us since we were child and it will be there till our very last breath.

Most of the people in this world think that we are born to be fulfilled outer desires and so they are the slave of the mind.

In this fast life hardly we devote our precious time to meditate or to understand our inner world realm or real objective of life.

The mind keeps creating desire and traps us forever.

However, it was no mistake that Socrates said. ‘Know thyself.’ Know who you are. Understand your true nature. 

Understand that if you do not feel peace, you may not be able to give it to anyone. If you want to quench the thirst, the least you need is water.

The water of peace that flows within you. The serenity of understanding flows through you.

Therefore, one side is our mind which is restless always want new things and doesn’t satisfy easily.

Other side is our heart which is standstill and only wants inner peace and inner satisfaction without any bias. 

Mind doesn’t understand inner peace, heart, soul and meditation.  Osho said, all that mind can do cannot be a meditation.

It is something beyond the mind. The mind is absolutely helpless there. The mind cannot penetrate meditation.

Where mind ends meditation begins. Therefore, if we’re looking for peace, it is within us. If we’re looking for joy, it’s not far from us.

If we’re looking for that friend, it always has been and will be within inside. If we’re looking for the place that does not change, that place is inside.

The heart is that cry, that call, that says, “Be fulfilled. Quench this thirst. Live this life consciously. 

Extract everything that this breath has brought, as much as you can. Be alive & exist in a true way.

Life is not just about getting in the morning and thinking about our worries and problems.

We get this beautiful mortal body but we can feel immoral through this body by turning ourselves inward, by doing meditation and focusing our attention in breath. 

Outer world changes very fast sometime back scientist discovered that atom is unbreakable they researched for almost 50 years but then suddenly a group of new scientist have proved that atom is breakable.

Therefore, outer world is changeable nothing is permanent in outer world or in the realm of mind.

However, our soul and inner world is standstill that world is not changed from centuries and if we want to get real peace we need to focus inwards.

Mind realm believes in God fearing and explains that God sends you on this earth to suffer because of your past bad karma.

Mind creates doubt and says indulge in all the rituals please God by outer ways and your life will be like a haven, else you’ll go to the hell for suffering. 

However, soul or inner realm believe in feeling & knowing in God loving and says that as long as you are alive and you are breathing God is within you.

And by focusing inward you can feel haven and enjoy each and every breath that is coming and going effortlessly and the greatest gift of God for all mankind without any bias.

Mind says in outer world once by mistake or intentionally if you do bad karmas. You have to suffer and you can’t get peace until you do lots of ritual or regret much for your bad karma.

However, heart is always welcome you and doesn’t create any discrimination among human being.

In Indian history lots of King like Ashoka, Ajatshatru & Chandragupta Murya. 

While ruling their kingdom they had been killed many innocent people just to get more name & fame and to extend their kingdom.

However, later on they realized that inner peace is the best thing is this world to get permanent ecstasy. 

At last they turned themselves into spiritual realm and felt real inner peace in their life.

Despite of their immense cruelty to mankind heart accepted them as a human being, that’s the beauty of heart unlike the mind.

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