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IPL 2020 Postponed due to Corona Crisis

IPL 2020 Postponed due to Corona Crisis

Indian Premier League 2020 (IPL)

Recently, Indian captain Virat Kohli has said on social media. Cricket matches can be played without spectators, but the fun you get in the middle of spectators and in crowded stadium.

That fun and excitement does not come from playing on an empty field.

He is a cricket veteran and speaking with his experience. 

India is a nation of over 1 billion people.

Cricket and Sachin Tendulkar are God for most of the people..

There is a lot of craze for IPL T20 in India which is played between April to May every year between different 8 teams which also represent 8 cities.

IPL started in 2008 and has been very popular among viewers since then. 

Foreign players and cheers leaders put more fun in the IPL and entertained the viewers a lot.

Unfortunately, the IPL 2020 has been postponed due to the Corona epidemic. 

This is the first time since 2008 when IPL was started. 

The country, the players, the spectators and the cricket board are all distress and upset.

Some people are affected financially and few are emotional down. 

The spectators are upset feeling bore for not getting exciting amusement of IPL in this summer.

The IPL is not just a means of cricket or entertainment for India, but also a means of a very large income.

New foreign players who are unable to earn much money in domestic cricket. 

They are bought here by bidding on expensive prices.

These new players make good money through IPL and advertisement and double their income in short time unlike in conventional domestic cricket.

 In many countries whose cricket board is not rich like BCCI, for players of those countries, IPL is an icing on the cake. 

But this time they will have to be disheartened due to Corona epidemic.

The government also gets good income from the IPL through the right of advertising and broadcasting.

Apart from this, cameraman, cheer leader, coach, fitness trainer and advertising agency also earn big money from IPL. 

Many new and well-known companies sponsor themselves during this time and make their products reach the people.

IPL is not just cricket but is also a great cricketing event. 

In a developing country like India, IPL gives a new impetus to the economy every summer and also provides employment to thousands of people.

The brand value of IPL in 2019 was around ₹ 475 billion (US $ 6.7 billion) according to data from Duff & Phelps Company, which is a huge amount and directly affects the economy.

There are millions of people who bet illegally in IPL and by losing or earing million many people become king or pauper financially in overnight.

Thus the postponement of the IPL due to the Corono virus is distressing for people and economy of India. 

People of all sections are suffering from corona virus lockdown. 

The spectators and players are also forced to stay in home and bored and irritated by sitting at home.

We hope that the corona epidemic will end soon. 

The spectators will once again be able to get opportunity to watch the IPL with more vigor and enthusiasm

The Indian players will also play with vigor and enthusiasm in the stadium overcrowded stadium with spectators.

Hopefully, corona virus panic will be soon over and Virat and team may not have to play in the empty ground unprecedentedly in cricket history.

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