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Importance of Donations, Gems & Mantras in Vedic Astrology

Importance of Donations, Gems & Mantras in Vedic Astrology

Unconventional way defining Vedic Astrology

Vedic astrology is the ancient knowledge given by our sages. Through which we find solution to the daily plight of human beings in the Age of downfall (Kaliyug). 

But man is not God, so what is written in destiny cannot be completely changed. 

You will have to suffer auspicious and inauspicious results. But by God’s grace, difficulties can be reduced through Vedic Astrology remedy.

It is also necessary to have complete knowledge of astrology method; only then correct calculation can be done.

With astrology knowledge, astrology teacher should also have unwavering faith in God, only then his predication or statement will be result right and astrology will be useful for society.

If astrologer meditates, especially on the Agya Chakra, it will be very beneficial and the accurate predication can be done by spiritual enlighten astrologer. Book knowledge of astrology is not sufficient for prediction.

In Vedic astrology, the planets Navagrahas give fruits of according to our present and past birth deeds. 

The planets are in sign of friend or enemy or debilitated or exalted. The placement of planet in houses is very important.

They also give result according to their weakness or strength as well. Vedic astrology is like a sea and today’s we are just using a drop.

The Sun is the King of planets, Moon is queen Rani, Mar is warrior, Jupiter is spiritual

Mentor of celestial and factors of knowledge, Venus is the mentor of Devil and the factors of wealth and splendor, Saturn is the factor of justice, sorrow and darkness.

While Rahu and Ketu are considered as shadow planets, which confuse humans by trapping them in illusion (Maya).

Each planet also has its own gemstone and it can be worn in its time or Dasha is going on.

But the gemstone should be genuine and should be worn only with the advice of a scholar, following your horoscope. 

Otherwise, inauspicious effects can also be found. Many astrologers who consider astrology to be just business tend to place more importance on gems than on donations and mantras.

Because gems have higher money margins and it is very difficult for common man to know this distinction of gems originality. 

Taking advantage of this, cheap gems are given to naive people at expensive prices.

After that mantras come, every planet has its own mantras and by chanting the mantras correctly, the planets can be praised.

If mantras are in Sanskrit, it is not possible for many people to pick them up.

The effect of the planet can also be reversed due to wrong pickings. Many astrologers also chant mantras instead of you, but it is difficult to find out how right it is.

It is advised that self-chanting of mantra is the best remedy to ward off evil effects of planet.

Finally, it comes to charity, which I personally like. Every planet has its donation and day of dedication, as the Sun gets strength by donating goods on Sunday.

Donating milk or sugar on Monday gives strength to the Moon, donating mustard oil on Saturday gives strength to Saturn.

Mercury is happy with the donation of green things. 

Venus which is the most powerful planet in Age of downfall (Kalyug) and is a factor of wealth and splendor is happy with donating white things like curd, milk and sugar.

The recommendations of my thoughts which are personal and I can be wrong. I am not a learned sage. I consider charity better than mantras or gems. 

Because through mantra or gemstone you have personal gain or loss. These are connected to self-centered activities.

But through donations, we get connected with society and universe and indirectly help all.

Donation is a holistic approach to get connected with nature, by donating things planet may give good result or may not but at least the person or animal who is getting donation will be satisfied irrespective on our person gain.. 

Like, donating mustard oil to a poor person and donating green vegetable to needy person or animal.

Serving animal like cows and dogs by given them water, milk and bread.

If these astrological remedy does not work at least we are serving to animal and society unconditionally. That is why I love donating and serving other which is supreme in Vedic astrology.

The effect of charity is more than that of mantra or gemstone even in less money.

Like, to ward off evil planet cheaply you can serve ants every day with 5 or 10 rupees of sugar and your planets can calm down with less expense, otherwise you can get  satisfaction that you served ants.

Whether the planet is giving good result or not by chanting mantra or wearing gem stone but by donating we can at least serve the society.

As Vedic astrology has its own limitation so all distressed moment can not be completely removed from your life.

Astrologer cannot change the destiny written by God, otherwise the rich people or King  would never have been sad and would have overcome every grief through costly gems, donations and mantras, but this is not possible.

Therefore, we should celebrate life with God grace and try accepting happiness and sorrow in an equal way.

The use of astrology to be done in a real and pragmatic manner not in a fearful or superstitious way.

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