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Hindi Language Barrier, Plight & Decline

Hindi Language Barrier, Plight & Decline

Hindi is the most spoken language in India. 

Hindi is a major language of the world and is the official language of India. 

However, Hindi is not the national language of India.

As no language was given such status in the Constitution of India. 

This topic is still a matter of debate and from time to time political parties keep raising this issue for electoral gains. 

But no party takes it seriously after the election victory. According to the 2011 census, Hindi is spoken by around 420 million Indians. 

People in India and other countries also speak, read and write Hindi. The people of Fiji, Mauritius, Guyana, Suriname, Nepal and the United Arab Emirates also speak Hindi.

Apart from this, Urdu, spoken by 140 million people in India, Pakistan and other countries, is quite similar to Hindi verbally. 

A large number of people understand both Hindi and Urdu.

The population of America is around 331 million. About the same population is in Uttar Pradesh. 

But the way the English language was developed for education, literature, speaking and employment in America, that kind of development could not happen in Uttar Pradesh for Hindi and still Hindi could not be developed completely there.

It is said that the need is the mother of any development. Every year, millions of books are published in America, which are in demand all over the world and writers also get commercial and economic benefits.

In India resources and funding are limited for Hindi language growth, which prevents the development of Hindi.

I have also studied and graduated in Hindi medium, but for the last 20 years, I have not written a single word in Hindi officially and desperately.

In modern offices there is no requirement or demand for Hindi. All work is executed by using English. English language working tools are simple, effective, efficient and easy-to-use compare to Hindi language.

That’s why very few people are writing in Hindi. Hindi books and literature is also being not promoted by publisher due to low in demand and high in cost

Employment opportunity is also far away or elusive for people of Hindi belt states. This is also a big reason that the youth class is moving away from Hindi.

Now I use Hindi only occasionally for writing through a blog. There has been a blockage of words and insight. 

English is a global and international language of the world.

It is continuously developing and flourishing and enriched by many new formal and informal words, but the development of Hindi has almost stopped and it has become a colloquial language.

The youth are also not much attached to it because there is limited means of employment in Hindi speaking regions.

Hindi-speaking states are underdeveloped in India and most of the people migrated from these states seeking employment opportunity in other states.

India is a multilingual country in the south people do not speak Hindi but there is a common dialect or English dialect caste.

A few fundamentalist Hindu wings promoting Hindi over there in an unconventional way. But, language cannot be imposed when it is not needed.

However, there are some good new as well, on August 19, 2009, Google said that Hindi content is increasing by 94% every 5 years. 

There is a lot of publicity of Hindi in the country and abroad through Hindi cinema, but only more for amusement but very less academically. Hindi is still far away from development, newness and depth.

Development of Hindi language is very important in education.

It is also necessary to make Hindi language easy for science and literature so that it can be prevalent like Germany, Japanese, French languages ​​and establish itself as a powerful language.

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