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Glory of Saturn (Shani Dev)

Glory of Saturn (Shani Dev)

Modern secret of Saturn(Shani Dev)

Saturn is the slowest moving planet based on Vedic astrology. It lives in a house for 2.5 years. Saturn (Shani) is a factor of justice and sorrow and gives a man the fruits of his deeds.

According to a legend in Skanda Purana, Sun God was married to Sangya, the daughter of King Daksha. Sun God received three sons from the Sangya.  God Sun  named him Yama, Yamuna and Manu.

Sangya could not bear the light and glory of Sun God for long. So she left her shadow to the sun god and left from there. After some time, Chhaya received a son from Sun God who was known as Saturn (Shani Dev).

Impact of Saturn( Shani Dev) is very deadly and if it is not in an auspicious place in the horoscope or it is in a low or an enemy house, then it brings a lot of turmoil in life.

It is said that Saturn (Shani) was very spiritual. And did not take any interest in the daily work of life, due to which his wife used to be very angry with him.

One day when Saturn(Shani Dev) did not do the work that was told to him, then she cursed Saturn(Shani Dev) that whoever will look into your eyes then they will be destroyed by your evil sight.

That is why all humans do not get close or direct look to Saturn( Shani Dev) and take his blessings just by touching the feet. Saturn is also a son of Sun, but there is deep enmity between the father and the son.

Therefore, Saturn does not give good results in the Sun sign and the Sun sign of Saturn. It is said that Saturn was a part of the Sun, which broke away from it and went very far and then became very cold and dark.

Surya Joki is another factor of light and also a factor of government and confidence. He has a sharp and ego. Whereas Saturn, on the contrary, is a factor of darkness, anxiety, tension and sorrow.

The sun is king, so there is a lot of pride in it and without the sun, the earth cannot be lighten.

Whereas Saturn (Shani) is a servant and elderly person who is humble, weak and meek. Saturn affected person come into this world to work not to rule like sun affected person.

Saturn(Shani Dev) loves black things like black sesame, black salt, black pepper, black clothes and other things like iron, long, pickle, mustard oil and donating them all makes Saturn(Shani Dev) happy and gives good fruit.

Saturn(Shani Dev) is a sinful and cruel planet, but he is the God of justice and gives human beings the fruits of their actions. Followers of Vedic astrology said that if person was pious  in last birth and did good deeds.

Saturn(Shani Dev) is exalted in his horoscope and the native gets good results in his Sade Sati, Dasha and Antar Dasha of Saturn. Therefore, good and religious people should not be afraid of Saturn. 

Shani Dev makes the person spiritual and religious by giving them sorrow and pain, and makes them move towards God.

If only happiness comes in life, then ego comes in human being and he will be keep busy in worldliness. But  Saturn (Shani Dev) gives a new dimension to human life through sorrows and makes him mature.

To get the grace of Shani, we should respect the working class and aged people.

The cleaning workers should be respected and paid on time. Working and labour class people develop a large part of the society.

They should be viewed with respect, not by pity or hatred.

Saturn(Shani) makes the pauper to king  and the king to pauper, which living example is the Gulf country. 

As Saturn(Shani Dev)  is also a factor of crude oil. 

All these countries were very poor during the British Empire, but after independence and after the discovery of crude oil, they all became rich and king. And at the present time, the prices of crude oil are falling and once all these can be pauper again.

In modern times, most astrologers scare the naïve & innocent people in the name of Saturn(Shani), which is wrong and demeaning, so we should not fear Saturn unnecessarily and should worship him incontestably, no one can erase the law of karma. 

Human beings should not worry too much, what will be written in destiny nobody can change it even God does not interfere in karmic destiny

Therefore, by accepting the joys and sorrows and ups and downs of life, we should always worship God. One who is omnipotent and gives us the strength to fight suffering.

Om Shani Dev Om Shani Dev Om Shani Dev Om Shani Dev Om Shani Dev

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