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From Restlessness to Mindfulness unlock unprecedented Bliss (YOU ARE THEE PRIORITY)

From Restlessness to Mindfulness unlock unprecedented Bliss (YOU ARE THEE  PRIORITY)

At present, we have been living in an advanced and modern high-tech society equipped with all modern comforts and facilities. However, humans are still insatiable and constantly seeking a deeper meaning of life something beyond materialism that gives a momentary pleasure.

A quest for inner peace and tranquility in the outer world through materialism making humans’ mentally ill and stressed. 

Despite having advanced social, economic, and health welfare in this new era with advanced technology and modern society. A large number of people are still distressed and the cases of depression are being increased rapidly worldwide.

The prime focus must be on the mental health of the people. Mental health includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being.

To make a world or a country more productive and prosperous, mental health issues must be resolved with a modern and comprehensive approach.

The mental illness could put a hindrance on a person’s professional and personal growth & advancement, if not properly resolved on time and could lead to major depression and low self-esteem.

Daily in the morning due to the competitive professional world, we focus on our problems and ignore mindfulness.  Concentrating constantly on the future to make it safe & protected is also taking away the elation of the present moment.

The breath is precious to humans, the world biggest miracle occurring under your nose daily, coming and going of breath without any effort giving us the incredible life existence rare to others spices.

However, instead of utilization this breath to obtain a higher spiritual realm most of us just keep busy arranging worldly stuff and unintentionally getting insatiable.

The mental disorder can be fixed in an amicable way by just the following spirituality or changing our lifestyle which is more world-prone.

Devesh Singh a modern writer has come with a beautifully written book “YOU ARE THEE PRIORITY”

The book is based on self-loving, self-esteem, self-caring, and self-independent how to motivate yourself and charge up in the hustle-bustle of this fast-paced life.

How to overcome the killing blue and ward off the impact of negativity. It is a must-read book which can change your life forever, as no matter what is happening around the world you have been always the priority.

It is a must-buy book that will transform your thinking in a lucid & comprehensive way and take you away from mediocre thinking to a deeper meaning of life in an unprecedented way.

“Wake up every morning with the singular thought that “You Are The Priority”. Be mindful of your actions, your choices and your habits to be kind to yourself, to the planet and to the people around you.

This one change leads to a ripple effect bringing about the positivity that may have been yearning for.

I want you to know that you are the priority. That you deserve the love, the praise, and the happiness that you see around and if you feel robbed of any of these emotions, it is important to realize that the ability to transform your life positively lies in you too!

(Devesh Singh)

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