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From darkness to light non-duality

From darkness to light non-duality

Unprecedented inner transformation by Master Grace

There is a lot of praise of the spiritual master in India. 

Guru means to take us away from darkness to light. Our mind is very fickle and keeps wandering here and there. 

In our life, we are mostly attracted to external things and live like animals.

Our nine senses constantly make us extroverted. TV, cinema and the work of the outer world entertains our mind and we get so immersed in the desires and  dreams of our mind that we do not realize our inner and soulful life.

Then suddenly a spiritual mentor come in our life and his holy words turn us inwards in spiritual realm.

we realize that there is some other purpose in our life too. 

Impressed by our true spiritual curiosity, they give us the knowledge to connect with the inner world.

When we meditate and get connected to the inner world, our external ignorance disappears and we become united with the monotheistic God or non-dual existence of God which is equal for all human beings.  

After joining with the God of the non-dual, the mind is in of the divine form and all evil things are destroyed.

And we go beyond duality like form-non-form of god, saguna-nirgun, murti-amurti, Hindu-Muslim, poor-rich, Brahmin-dalit, black-blonde, yog-tantra, vaishnava-shaivana, Shia- Sunni, rising above the divine form of light and darkness, god-demon.

We sees and feel God in all things and beings. Our ego is destroyed.

The restlessness of our mind is over and we experience ecstasy. Some words are presented in the form of hymns to put the mind at the feet of the Guru.

मन मेरे बता तू क्यों भटक रहा चरणों में गुरु के क्यों न लग रहा 

तेरी कामना तेरी वासना,जल जायेगी मिट जायेगी

दर गुरु का तू क्या न चुन रहा

 अनगिनत जनम तूने जो भी है किया

हासिल तुझे क्या हिरदै में हुआ

मनका दास तू दर दर भटक रहा 

प्रेम को बुला राग को मिटा

तू परकाश को हरदे में बसा

सेवा सत्संग भजन में तू डूब जा

 मन मेरे बता तू क्यों भटक रहा

चरणों में गुरु के क्यों न लग रहा

Mind tell me why are you wandering 

Why don’t you stay in the feet of spiritual master  

Your desireyour lustwill be destroyed

Why are you not choosing the company of spiritual master

You have taken countless births

What did you achieve by all materialistic things

Mind’s servant, you are wandering here and there aimlessly  

Express love and destroy the lust and greed

Lit a light in your soul

Drown deeply in the meditation and serve master unconditionally

Mind Tell me why are you wandering

Why don’t you stay in the feet of spiritual master


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