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Elusive government jobs in India

Elusive government jobs in India

Depleting resources of employment in public and private sectors

India is a nation of over 1 billion people live.

It is also the youngest country where 65% of the people fall in the age group of 25-35.

The only problem of youth is ” a good job and a good girl to marry”.

 But without good job it is impossible to get a decent  girl to marry .

That’s why most of the youth are in search of government job.

According to an estimate, every year around 1 million youth are added for employment in India

And it is not possible for the government to create so many new jobs every year.

The youth also know that the demand is very low and there are millions of people to get a government job, but the attraction of the youth is still intact towards the government job.

Because the job is permanent & stable and in addition to job security, sometimes there is an upper earning.

Work pressure is also low than private job.

The problem of the fund also does not come because the government helps to pay the debt by releasing fund through the RBI and the bank in case of excess debt.

Therefore, 2.3 million applications were received for mere 368 peon posts in Uttar Pradesh.

This was a world record in term of application received for a job.

 This is the condition of every state. A large number  people are applying for a few government jobs.

Graduates, CAs, MBAs and youths pursuing higher education are also applying for small government posts due to less jobs are available for them in their skilled filed.

This is grim and unfortunate as they will not be able to utilize their full potential in these positions.

On the other hand, the government is reducing its expenses because the expenses of pension, defense and interest constantly increasing and there is a problem of low and short funding and excess spending

Fortunately, with the fall in crude oil prices, the government will reduce its fiscal deficit.

Due to low demand and high job application for government jobs, written examination has set up very tough and comprehensive by recruitment board to select to caliber candidates.

Therefore, many coaching institutes mushroomed and running all over the country.

By coaching millions of students they are earning a good income.

 In a country with a large population like India, mechanization and automation have also had a great impact and replacing many job resources.

A single machine or automatic software can execute the work of 10 to 100 men in minimum time meticulously.

This is also a cost effective for the company and the government and reduces unnecessary expenses.

Many jobs in the banking and service sectors are also on the verge of ending due to automation.

Developed countries are working vigorously on Artificial Intelligence to get more production capacity with minimal cost. It is a boon for them.

But a country with a large population like India will have to adopt it thoughtfully. Otherwise the profit will be low and loss will be high.

In India, self-employment is not being promoted and encouraged despite the efforts made by Make in India initiative.

China has set up many factories in the last 20 years and has provided employment to its people on a large scale.

Whereas this did not happen in India and only the service sector developed in a recent time which is not sufficient to fulfill demand for employment.

Manufacturing sector must be developed to create more jobs.

Unfortunate, the trend of Indian youth is still towards jobs like clerk but in case of self-employment or employment, youth is far away and completely dependent on the government.

Youth has an upside-down wind which runs very fast, which can sometimes cause destruction by becoming a storm or can be used to generate wind power in a positive way.

The Indian youth has a lot of potential to be a partner in the development of the country, but if it does not find the right path or direction, then it can also go towards drug, anarchy or terrorism.

Therefore, we must increase jobs in the public or private sectors through new schemes in collaboration with the government so that the youth

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