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Death is natural why are people taking their own life….Augmented Suicide cases worldwide..

Death is natural why are people  taking their own life….Augmented Suicide cases worldwide..

“Sometimes even to live is an act of courage.”
― Lucius Annaeus Seneca

“If I had no sense of humor, I would long ago have committed suicide.”
― Mahatma Gandhi

It is said that Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problems.


Suicide is an act of taking own’s life. It is estimated that around 0.8 million people commit suicide every year worldwide.


Post Second World War due to industrial revolution and mechanization human being has gone through a major transformation in term of mentally and physically.

Pre industrial revolution era most of the works were done manually and physically and there was low mental pressure.

However, currently all works are being done by machine and we are more mentally stressed and very less physically active.

Rapid urbanization making cities overcrowded and people are very ambitious, competitive and running a rat race of survival of the fittest.

Celebrities and Suicide

Young and talented Indian Bollywood Susant Singh Rajput also committed suicide in India.

Now the word of war is going on that causing of Susant untimely death is nepotism. The Bollywood is divided between two group one opposing and other is supporting nepotism.

However, we have to understand that modern civilization is driven by capitalism and the fittest & strongest would survive and win the race in a longer term.

It’s been over four months out-breaking of COVID-19. The shooting and post production has been totally halted for movies and TV-shows.

Therefore, it has really been hard for new and lower class artists and actors to meet their day to day expenses without getting regular pay.

Financial upheaval also putting a lot of celebrities in distress and depress situation, as their current expenses and future projects are being severely affected due to COVID-19 spreaded worldwide.

It’s has been uncovered that Sushant Singh Rajput has lost his six big upcoming projects and gone into deep depression.

Reason for Suicide


Mental illness is one of the major cause of suicide worldwide.

There are number of reason for taking own life like psycho-social factors depression, stress, setbacks in life, thoughts suppression, poor coping skills, social isolation, social support Poverty, introversion.

Needless to say that in last 40 years world population is almost doubled and the competition in all sectors has been increased dramatically. In modern era you really need to work hard to get your desired goals and you have to compete with over 7 billion people on this earth to get survived which is also keep increasing

At a result, in this fast-paced world and in a never ending rat race the situation putting some people into depression and sadness which is causing suicidal tendency.

Everybody wants to win in this modern rat-race, so losers and defeaters are going in depression due to low self-esteem or social stigma.

Substance misuse 

Countries that have higher rates of alcohol use and a greater density of bars generally also have higher rates of suicide.

Working in a highly stressed environment leading some people to take drugs and alcohol to mitigate the impact of stress.

However excess use of substances making them mentally weak and they are prone to suicidal tendency.

Medical conditions    fatal and deadly disease Sleep disturbances, such as insomnia  are risk factors for depression and suicide. 

Due to hustle & bustle of urban life and excess using of electronic gadgets some people are sleep deprived which causing mental illness and suicidal tendencies. 

Suicide methods 

Leading methods of suicide are handing, pesticide poisoning, firearms, falls, cutting and drowning.



Suicide prevention

It is believed that suicide is often an impulsive decision, with up to 70% of near-fatal suicide attempts made after less than one hour of deliberation.

It can be prevented through get connecting to friends and family members by social connection. Social connection is an experience of feeling closed and connected to others. It involved feeling loved, cared and valued.

Sometimes you are so repressed or oppressed by negative thinking or thoughts that expressing problems to friends or family member give a high relieve from stress and distress and feeling of calm and relaxation attained.  

Following measures also help to prevent negative thoughts and suicidal tendency 

  • Don’t try hard to be a perfectionist no one is perfectionist in this world so accept and love yourself, as you are the unique creation of almighty God always remember that nobody is like you on this earth.
  • Don’t compare yourself from social media or cinematic life as there is a lot of difference between reel and real life, put away yourself from body-shaming you are the best creature in this world. You and your body is created and given by almighty God so never underestimate the gift of God by neglecting, comparing or judging it to others.
  • Keep always in mind that people don’t disclose their dark side of life on social media and needless to say that everyone goes through odd circumstance in their life, so don’t think that all are happy on social media except you may be they are bottling up their emotions so don’t judge people by their social media status. Be realistic and face the challenges audaciously.
  • Being spiritual really help to keep your mind out of negative and overthinking. Take out a little time in this fast-paced world to do yoga, meditation and other religious rituals which keep connected you to almighty God.
  • Engage in sport activities. Sporting is best method to convert your negativity energy into positive one and also keep your body fit and find.
  • Read motivational books, listen motivational podcast or stories and keep yourself away from dark web, horror movies and fake and radicalized news.
  • Ask for help there are a lot of people suffering from depression and suicidal tendency so go visit doctors and psychologist and share your pain with them, surely they are highly trained and skilled to help you coming out of negativity.

You can also call or visit on following contact details if feeling helpless or want help to get out of suicidal thoughts. Keep remember this a normal situation which can be cured or treated and this is no longer a social taboo so don’t feel ashamed and talk to your family, friend and doctor before it is too late. 

iCall is an email and telephone-based counseling service run by Tata Institute of Social Sciences and they offer free services with the help of a team of qualified and trained mental health professionals. They are available Monday to Saturday between 8 am and 10 pm. 

Helpline Number: +91 22 2552111 and +91 91529 87821


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