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COVID-19 threat to human civilization (Repercussion worldwide)

COVID-19 threat to human civilization (Repercussion worldwide)

The corona virus outbreak has been spreading worldwide like a wildfire and affecting billions of lives in total 212 countries.

Over 3 million people are reported to get infected and around 0.2 million people are lost their precious life due to this deadly virus. 

All business and commercial activities are stalled all over the world.

Most of the countries are on the brink of a global recession.  Spreading of virus was triggered from Wuhan, China and within a short time of period taken entire world in its grip. 

Some unreliable sources putting blame on china to spreading the virus worldwide, declaring it was leaked from a lab located in Wuhan, China.

However, after a challenging period China has almost successfully contained the virus and it seems that further spreading is over for the time being.

The United Stated of America is the worst hit country, over a million people are infected and around 60K total deaths are reported.  The personal, social, financial repercussion start appearing and concerning the people.

In a short period, 6 million people are out of work and looking for state-sponsored assistance. Small businesses are worst hit and hard to fight back in this unprecedented financial meltdown.

Ironically stock market is all time high and rich are getting richer even in this global recession. Despite of all commercial activities are stalled but there is no impact on stock market and it is constantly going up.

Trade- war, words- war and blame-war has been triggered between China and USA.  No matter what is the truth? Eventually poor and lower class people are suffering and going through non-stop hardship.

For millions of people daily bread-and –butter earning process is totally halted by COVID-19.

Gradually the savings are also dried up and lower class or daily earner are distressed, hopeless, out of job, cashless  and left with no choice complying with government instructions to stay home.

Long-term lockdown and confinement at home making people mentally sick.  Domestic violence reported cases are being significantly gone up.

No work, no future, no cash so a large number of migrant worker returned to their homeland and there is also an acute daily workers shortage in main towns in India.

COVID-19 vaccine is being tested in many countries but still have a long journey till vaccine is  finally approved and safe for human use . 

To be seen that the Vaccine is made for making money or for really safeguarding precious human life against deadly COVID-19.

USA is a largest democratic country while China is a largest communist country and a tug-of-war going on to overpowering each other.

Xi-Ping has been elected however, Trump is going to be elected on November, 2020 so he is more concerned and want to control both the COVID-19 and China at any cost.

The lenient measures on containing COVID-19 could be dangerous for Trump political career.  

The Fed is on front seat and pumping and printing billion of dollar to stop economic slowdown. 

Going forward it would be good to see who is a real beneficiary of this “game of throne” an elite group who always make money no matter recession or upturn or the poor one.

Global shutdown appearing a challenging phase for India.  There is already a share fall in GDP . No more new job creation.  

Youth are depressed and upset not getting a good  job opportunity despite of having good qualifications.  

In a nation over 1 billion population government cannot survive without generating adequate jobs for youth.

In India, 60% percent people are depended on agriculture sector for their livelihood and due to lock-down the farmers are unable to cut their ripe crop.  

Moreover, Bad climate, untimely rain and sudden hailstorm also jeopardizing their life.

Most of the migrant workers are trapped in a mid-way and no hope of going back to home, depend entirely on Govt. social welfare scheme to get daily food and left with hopelessness & cash-starved.

Even there is sharp increase in digital payment in India, however, among lower class who daily earn and spend the cash is still king.

All is not bad or distress due to COVID-19, there is some good news as well, the water and the air is less polluted and improved dramatically in quality. 

Mother Nature is also relaxing which suffered a lot in last seven decades due to rapid industrialization. People are more hygiene and health conscious start washing their hand regularly with soap or a good sanitizer, breaking bad habits and making good habits.

There is a significantly decline in smoking and alcohol consumption. Furthermore, Due to lockdown the crime rates have also been sharply decreased.

Let’s pray to almighty to protect the entire humankind against this deadly COVID-19 virus.  

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