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Covid-19 Outbreak Impact on Meat Industry Worldwide

Covid-19 Outbreak Impact on Meat Industry Worldwide

A large amount of people worldwide regularly consume meat.   USA is the largest meat consumer worldwide.

Australia and New Zealand are also  a large number of meat consumer..

Meat consumption is very high in rich country.

 However, a large number of meat processing plants have been shut down due to a growing corona virus outbreak and millions of workers are out of work.

People are also alert on consuming meat products, as it is believed that coronavirus triggered from sea food market Wuhan, China.  Therefore, there is a sharp decline in meat consumption worldwide.

Although there is no concrete evidence that COVID-10 is transmitted through meat or poultry.

However, stringent food safety procedure and regulations has been applied on meat industry by the higher Govt. health official to safeguarding and preventing people to get infected from corona virus.

Subsequently, a few corona virus cases were reported from the workers of meat plants.

 As most of the meat plants not full-fledged operational. 

Consequently, no proper meat products supply is being made to grocery stores, so the stores are under stock.  Overall, corona virus-driven halted operation posed a great threat to meat industry in coming days.

Also, there is a danger of inflation as well due high demand and weak supply.  As a result, meat industry is going through a huge loss worldwide.

In India, meat packing industry and poultry processing industry is also totally shutdown due to coronavirus outbreak.

Moreover, corona virus outbreak cut down demand for meat product by half and Indian export of meat products is also massively hit by a sluggish demand worldwide.

Small industries, individuals and chicken raised farms have been under an unprecedented revenue loss.

They are also worried about paying back their bank loan taken for day to day operation.

Due to weak demand in meat industry most of the daily workers are out of work and facing financial hardship for their daily bread and butter.

Currently, no fixed date is announced by the government to close the lockdown in India.

Despite a stringent containment measures the corona virus case still going up nationwide.

Therefore, there is a little hope that the things will get back to normal quickly.

However, in India the consumption of meat is quite less compare to the other countries but people related to meat industry are distressed and cash-starved.

On a flip side, a sharp decline in meat consumption worldwide is eco-friendly and there is a less co2 emission and this is a  good sign and relief for polluted earth. 

However, taking care of people livelihood and controlling global slowdown is equally important.

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