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Corona Virus & Vedic Astrology

Corona Virus & Vedic Astrology

It is said that Indian astrology had calculated the universe and planets 5000 years ago.

Planets like Saturn, Mars, Venus and Jupiter, which scientists discovered after their scientific research at the present time. 

Indian sages had also known their speed and their effect on the earth and human life in ancient times. In fact, Indians were far ahead in research.

At present, the whole world is suffering from an epidemic like corona. 

Scientists from all over the world are engaged in laboratories to make medicines for the corona virus. Let’s consider what Vedic astrology thinks about this.

Saturn is considered a factor of justice. However, it is also a factor of darkness, apathy, life’s ups and downs.

It gives good or bad outcome to mankind according to their deeds. 

Rahu planet is considered to be his disciple or servant, which is a sinful and shadow planet and causes a kind of illusion in the world and is also the cause of many incurable and secret diseases. 

Therefore, many astrologers consider the corona virus to be the result of Rahu. 

Just as Rahu is elusive and changes in any form, the symptoms of corona are also changing with time.

If the corona is due to Rahu and represents darkness, then the sun is light, which can remove the darkness in a moment with the help of warrior Mar.

Mar is currently running in the zodiac signs of Saturn, which is his enemy.

So Mars is not yet as powerful in suppressing the darkness of corona virus. 

But as soon as he enters the Pisces zodiac sign of his friend Jupiter on 5 May 2020. He will start fighting the corona virus with great force.

After June 2020, Guru Jupiter will also support him strongly and control over the corona epidemic can be seen all over the world including India.

Let us see that Vedic astrology is an art or science and what is the effect of this calculation going forward.

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