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Corona virus transforming Indian cinema

Corona virus transforming Indian cinema

Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, Doordarshan augmented subscribers

Cinema is very popular in India and  about 2000 films in different languages ​​are released every year.

 About 43% of the income comes from Hindi films.

Tamil and Telugu-language films account for about 36% of the revenue.

In this way, India is the largest producer of films in the whole world. The employment of millions of people is associated with this cinema world.

Indian film is very popular not only in the country but also abroad. The Indian film “Dangal” earned record-breaking revenue and performed outstanding in China.

But the corona-like epidemic has put a sudden stop on the film world. Everything has come to a standstill

Indian cinema is losing million every day. The release date of many big films has been extended further due to Corona. Shooting has stopped all over the country, due to which many people associated with the film world have become unemployed. 

Director, actor, dancer, technician, spot boys, editor, composer, singer, writer, film journalist have all been sitting vacant for the last two months. The lower working class has suffered the most, which earns from the daily shooting.

Nothing new is being shown on TV channels and Doordarshan has re-telecasted the old mythological serials Ramayana and Mahabharata and is becoming very popular among the public.

Ramayan was seen by about 70 million people in a day, which is a world record. It has become the most TRP-taking serial.

Internet streaming service Netflix, Amazon Prime Hotstar are becoming quite popular among viewers during the corona lockdown  and capturing a large market.

All three companies have about 10 million subscribers. Being an internet platform, new and bold subjects are being seen here. Dark subjects are also being promoted due to leniency of censorship.

This is quite different from mainstream cinema and comes under stringent censorship.

Therefore, subscribers are growing rapidly on these internet video streaming platforms. This is a concern for mainstream cinema.

But due to the corona shooting is stopped, then new content has stopped coming on these platforms and the audience is getting bored.

In the cinema world, there is a lot of fighting about the date of release of a film. Every big actor or producer wants to release his film on a big festival so that more and more viewers can see it and the film could be a super-duper hit at the box office.

Two big actors also refrain from releasing their films simultaneously.

Due to Corona, no film has been released for 2 months and the dates of all the films have been pushed forward. Due to which the cinema world will have to bear a big loss.

If the corona virus is not brought under control soon, then many small budget films will have to be released on the Internet streaming service platform to avoid financial loss. 

The difference between the big screen and the small screen can be eliminated. The multiplex cinema hall revolutionized the Indian cinema world. Now again due to Corona, there are some indications that people will again turn from big screen to small screen.

However, it will take time now and we should not forget that sound, picture and feeling on the big screen is our own fun and value. The audience forgets everything and gets lost in the entertainment world. 

This is not possible in home or small screen cinema. But all the amusement and fun of cinema hitting very hard by the Corona epidemic making movie-lover restless.

Film City Mumbai is deserted. Where there was a shoot of thousands of films and TV shows daily, there has been silence.

The shooting of the country’s most popular TV show Kapil Sharma Show is also on halt.

Kapil Sharma, who make laugh to million Indian , is himself imprisoned at home due to corona lockdown. The audience is also missing the weekly laughter dose.

The best thing is that during this time the whole cinema world has become united. 

Everyone is helping each other. All the actors are making the public aware of the corona epidemic by making a video from home.

 It is a very commendable and laudable step.

Big actors and producers are providing ration and essential things to the laborers working in Mumbai Film City. 

It is appreciable that the core and lower class worker of Indian cinema is getting help from top category aristocratic actors, directors and producers.

 As cinema veteran knows that they are main chain of Indian cinema so if they suffer   or lower chain is broken.

The top class category would be hit severely by these adverse circumstances of Corona outbreak

.Needless to say that these  lower class behind the scene worker participate  equally  in the growth and development of the Indian cinema world.

We hope that the corona epidemic will be over soon. 

The new and exciting flick will be seen by public in an unprecedented way, as new director coming up with unique and bold subject in which the reel life reflecting the truth of real life.

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