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Corona virus impact on human life

Corona virus impact on human life

Transformation of life from fast-paced to standstill

Human life on this earth is constantly changing. 

Especially in the atmosphere of this corona epidemic when a huge change is taking place in the lives of all. 

Stability is being lost and the human is very much worried about the future.

People have been imprisoned in homes for 2 months. Many types of mental illnesses are increasing. People are under stress especially the person of the city. However, people are getting a chance to spend time with each other in the family.

Kabir Das has said that excess of anything is dangerous like excess raining, heating or excess talking, speaking or remain silent.

Everybody feeling and experiencing the grim and gloominess of this corona outbreak. 

Perhaps this is the reason that due to Corona virus domestic violence has also started in many homes. This is very demeaning.

Alcoholics and drug addicted have become angry sitting constantly in the house and they are finding it difficult to handle.

When liquor shops opened, a long line of up to 5 km was installed in India.

Whenever the society goes through a rough phase.  The women are unnecessary  exploitated in day to day life and considered to be used as a sexual enjoyment object and also to be deemed weakest on this earth the one who is depends on man mercy..

In recent time, the migration from the village to the city for employment has been tremendously increased.

Everyone left the village in a hope to get a good job and  life in the cities. But the spontaneous corona disease has washed away everyone’s dreams and desires. Now millions of laborers have left the cities and going back to villages.

They know in city life is very fast and ostensible. In urban, people especially the upper class live a distant life. Urban person is rationale and brainy so  there is no reconciliation like a village. Second, he also has his own compulsions and expenses. That is why it is hard to survive in city for labour class.

But at least you get a peace in the village and villagers are used to stay happy and strong even in odd circumstance and help each other unconditionally.

Therefore, there is a continuous migration of laborers. In cities, they do not have much hope from the government and contractors that they will be able to help them for a long time.

Corona has also brought a new transformation for school children and teachers. Teaching children in online class and paying attention to them is really challenging. Not all students have good internet connection, so there is connectivity issue as well.

The way the health workers and policemen are serving the country and the public. It is very appreciative and laudable. But many people are spitting on them and not respecting them. This must be avoided.

Corona patients are not agreeing to what they say, which is very unfortunate.

Most of the health worker and police official are concerned  and not able to go home regularly due to fear that this corona virus will spread on the householders.

The farmer is already disturbed by the unseasonable rain which are spoiling the crops. Many farmers are not getting the right price for their fruits and vegetables. Because all the hotels are closed and there is a huge reduction in demand. Therefore, there is a huge loss in farming sector as well.

The merchant class is also troubled by the two-month shutdown. Sale of goods has come to a standstill. The shops have not been opened for almost 2 months. So goods are are getting stolen in many small shops and in many shops mice are spoiling the goods.

Not only human but  God is also affected in this corona lockdown . All temples, mosques, gurudwaras and churches are closed.

Char Dham  Yatra is also . There is no donation or offering in these religious places and loss is also mounting in these organizations. Religious places are deserted so God too has fallen alone as no devotee is coming to see him.

In this way, the corona virus has disturbed all sectors. Everyone is praying that the corona virus be over soon.

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