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Corona Outbreak Transformed the Indian Advertisement World (Lifebuoy Soap)

Corona Outbreak Transformed the Indian Advertisement World (Lifebuoy Soap)

In India,  a large number of old TV show are being aired during corona-affected lock-down period.

Historical most popular TV shows like Ramayana, Krishan and Mahabharata have been come back for broadcasting.

These have been telecasting on Doordarshan, a large amount of advertisement are also being shown during interval.

The Doordarsan have been earning a decent amount of revenue through these AD.

This is also a win-win situation for current NDA-ruling government, as indirectly HIndutva is also being spread among mainstream viewers.  

A lifebuoy AD is shown in interval to guide people to be hygiene and  a doctor recommended  to wash hand regularly” “not just Lifebuoy but by using any other Soap”. 

It is an unprecedented and brought a major transformation in AD world that other soaps brands are also promoted by a competitor Lifebuoy.    

I personally salute to Lifebuoy team and management to come up with such an incredible out of box thinking during this COVID-19 crisis.

A unique unification among health Sector Company will surly help us all to combat and cracking down COVID-19 in a harsher way.

Moreover, this is a really motivational phenomenon in this dark phase where people are hopeless, cash-starved and distressed due to COVID-19 rampant spreading.

“Lifebuoy is also working on COVID-19 hygiene awareness and safeguarding million of people nationwide. By using following products, we can also keep us safeguard and protected against this deadly virus.


Proven to instantly kill 99.9% germ protection in 10 seconds, including the H1N1 virus, without the need for water, Lifebuoy Hand Sanitizer effectively kills bacteria and deactivates viruses on your hands.

It is an ideal disinfectant for your hands when you’re on-the-go, it dries quickly, is non-sticky and contains moisturizers and Vitamin E known to keep your hands soft and smooth.

Lifebuoy Total 10 Germ Protection Hand Wash contains our patented ingredient, Activ Naturol Shield, ensuring your hands are clean and protected against germs. The special formula is proven to remove 99.9% of germs in just 10 seconds.

Total 10 Germ Protection Soap Bar

Lifebuoy total 10 soap contains our patented ingredient, Activ Naturol Shield. Your hands will be clean and protected against germs. the special formula is proven to remove all kinds of germs. 

Last but not least keep yourself hygiene, follow the instructions given by health officials and do hand washing properly and regularly with Lifebuoy or any other soap to keep the corona virus away and stay healthy.  Undoubtedly, health is wealth in this corona crisis phase.

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