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No Recession in Booze Business

No Recession in Booze Business

Booze is a blessing or a quick bliss

When the liquor shops opened after about 40 days of lock-down, thousands of people gathered outside the liquor shops in a chaotic manner.

The fear of corona was over and no one followed the social distance or making a proper distance from one another. 

On the one hand, everyone is talking about economic slowdown, but the way people flocked to buy liquor.

One thing is certain that the revenue or earnings of alcohol will not be reduced.

People of poor-rich, educated-illiterate, yogi-uneducated, religious-irreligious, upper-low classes are under stress due to Corona epidemic. 

Some people resort to meditation or worship to relieve stress, but this is not possible for everyone. So some people calm their distracted mind through alcohol.

If understood deeply, it is to calm the mind which is troubled due to Corona epidemic. For those who suffer from alcohol addiction, it would have been very difficult not to drink alcohol for 40 days.

In today’s life, people have become more dependent on alcohol to relieve stress, leaving yoga, meditation, exercise and religious festivals, which relieves stress very quickly, but in future it has a wrong effect on health.

It is very important to make a suitable distance while buying liquor so that a corona-like epidemic can be avoided. Minor carelessness can put you and your family in a big trouble and may have to be taken.

Till a few years ago, drinking alcohol was considered bad in Indian culture, but now when the trend of foreign company started increasing, it got accepted in a loud voice and often the youth say that drinking a little beer is not an alcoholic.

We Indians remain at the forefront of adopting Western culture. The law of demand and supply also applies. Even in a severe recession, the liquor company makes a profit. 

The liquor store does not even have to advertise, whether the shop is in the street or outside, the alcoholic will find it. “due to addition and strong will”. 

In the Kali Yuga, there is a lot of influence of evil plantet like Shani-Rahu, whose guru is lucifter ( Shukracharya), who is the representative of materialism Bhoga-Vilas,

Therefore, there will be always a demand for wine, sex and meat in the Age of downfall ( Kali Yuga) no matter whether economy will be booming or dooming.

People from some countries drink too much alcohol like Moldova Belarus, Lithuania and some countries eat a lot of meat such as America, France and Australia. 

Drinking or not drinking is a personal matter but one should avoid excess of it because Kabir has said excess of anything is dangerous even spirituality so thin balance is required.

Therefore, excessive consumption of alcohol should be avoided and proper physically distance should be maintained while purchasing booze so that control can be kept on this corona epidemic along with alcohol amusement.



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