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Corona is a Mysterious & Deadly Virus

Corona is a Mysterious & Deadly Virus

Modern Science Vs Corona fight Continues ……

Corona virus has trapped almost all countries in just two months.

By May 26, 2020, about 5.5 million people in the world were infected by it. Nearly 0.3 million people have been killed worldwide by this deadly virus.

The corona virus is a very mysterious virus. A lot of research is going on by scientists on this. But till now neither its medicine has been made nor has it been known how it entered the human body.

Somebody is saying that it was leaked from a lab in China. Chinese scientists were doing research on biological weapons and it leaked. 

But till now, this is an accusation made by America on China. No evidence has been found for this.

Many experts believe that it spread through bats from the sea-food market of Wuhan, China. 

Most people in China are non-vegetarian and eat all kinds of animals for meat. Therefore, it is true that most of the viruses that spread from animals to humans originated in China.

Although the charge against China has not been proved yet. But one thing is clear that China has also hidden much important information from the World Health Organization. 

The figures of death of corona virus were also manipulated.

In China, the doctor who first exposed the virus was not taken seriously. After some time, he found dead in mysterious condition.

After that, about 10 million mobile subscribers mysteriously disappeared during the Corona epidemic in China. This is the subject of investigation.

The corona virus is becoming stronger with time. It is constantly changing its symptoms. 

Which is a pain for doctors and scientists and because of this; there are difficulties in finding its medicine. 

It was said earlier that it weakens the lungs by attacking them. Then it has been said that it infects people above 60 years more.

But later it was found that the youth are falling prey to it. It is also influencing their sperm and reproductive organs. 

So until the corona virus medicine is made and new symptoms do not come out properly, it would not be fair to say anything about this virus.

The Spanish flu spread about 100 years ago in 1918, which caused worldwide destruction. Science and health services were not developed at that time.

But in this era, when science and health services are at their peak. The devastation caused by a corona virus is shocking.

Or is it the wrath of mother earth, which has been polluted by man due to his capitalist and non-stop consumption policy.

Perhaps from this epidemic, nature wants to create a balance of environment and population in the world.

Because even though the corona epidemic is overshadowing mankind. 

But this virus is a boon for nature. Water, air and noise pollution have come down in the whole world. The speed of the man who was running a rat race 24 hours has been stopped by Corona.

Big airplanes that run for 24 hours are licking the dust of the earth. The factories, which run continuously for 24 hours, have become silent. Most vehicles have no speed for over two months and the dust has settled.

Let us see when this battle of nature and science will end and when the world will get rid of this mysterious and non-visible virus. 

This also put America the most powerful country in the world on its knees.

Even the most powerful & rich people, politicians, mafia and capitalists of the world are seen helpless in front of it.

This corona virus is catching everyone without any religious or economic discrimination.

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