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Corona Epidemic & The Balance of Nature

Corona Epidemic & The Balance of Nature

The Corona epidemic has caused havoc all over the world. Predominately, even the most powerful country like America seems helpless in front of it and has succumbed to the corona epidemic.

In the US, by May 25, 2020, about 1.7 million people were suffering from Corona and more than 99,000 people have lost their lives. 

Around 5.4 millon people are infected with Corona all over the world.

Surprisingly, about half of the cases are in America and still it is spreading fastly in America. 

Despite the strength of the world power and the best medical facilities, America seems helpless.

It is easy to say that if the enemy is in front and visible then it is easy to face it, but the little-seen Corona virus has also frustrated even the most powerful country.

According to a survey, the world population was about 320 millon 1000 years ago. Due to the ongoing wars, invasions and epidemics, a large number of people were killed and the human population and natural balance was maintained. 

But at present, the world population is about 8 billion in 2020.

The world population was around 1 billion in 1900, which has increased to about 8 billion in 2020. That is, in the last 120 years, the population of the world was close to 7 billion, if the World War 1 and 2 were not there, then the population would have increased even more.

This growing population has created disparities in nature. Man has polluted nature completely by industrialization. 

The Industrial Revolution of 1900 made human life very easy. Due to machinery, new objects were created and their consumption in the whole world grew rapidly. 

Health services also improved rapidly and the death rate declined sharply. The rate of living grew rapidly.

But, due to all this, man has disturbed the balance of nature completely for his personal self and benefit. 

Developed countries deteriorate the environment more than developing countries. .

America, which is facing the Corona epidemic the most, almost everyone has their own vehicles, air conditioners, computers, mobiles and many other electrical appliances which are constantly increasing the temperature of the earth.

But in this era of consumption and capitalism It does not matter to anyone, everyone just has to print notes and enjoy the happiness of the substance. 

Animals are also troubled by the constantly rising temperature of the Earth and many species are on the verge of extinction. 

The icebergs are melting and the sea level is rising. Thousands ton of garbage is being dumped in the sea, primarily electronic waste, which is very harmful.

Air, water, earth and air pollution are at their peak. Perhaps Mother Earth had become helpless, that is why, Corona virus was born so that the balance of nature could be created. 

Although, corona epidemic has killed around 0.3 million people but nature has become quite clean and is giving a message that still improve and take care of me otherwise there could be more serious problems. 

The Ganga, a holy river which could not be cleaned even after spending  billion in India. It has been 30% clened in just 45 days due to Corona epidemic. 

Many animals, who were afraid of humans, are breathing freely nowadays and the fear is far away.

The Corona epidemic warns us that we have to control our personal habits and respect the nature, only then mankind can survive on this earth for a long time, otherwise our destruction is very close not by the nuclear weapon created by humans.

The weapon made by God or nature is dangerous, for example, corona virus.So, be environmental friendly and reduce consumption and save mother earth.

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