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Can India Leverage Ongoing Cold War Situation between US-China?

Can India Leverage Ongoing  Cold War Situation between US-China?

Economics & Tech Cold War Between China & US is Triggered

The Corona virus repercussions pushing the world economy into recession. 

America is continuously blaming China for spreading corona virus worldwide.

Also, blaming WHO for not provided proper guideline on time to stop worldwide spreading of Corona virus. 

Some internal sources also revealed that WHO top officials were instructed by China to hide Corona virus related information to entire world, else it could have contained earlier.

The cold war between the US and China has been escalated worrying investors worldwide.

According to unreliable sources to reelect in November president election Donald Trump is making an invincible maneuvering action plan against China.

American president Donald Trump also involve in planning to drag China into international court to get compensation  for damage performed by Corona virus to the US economy.

Donald Trump also threated to Chinese company to delist from American share market.

Therefore, needless to say that a cold war has been already triggered between the US & China.

The Chinese and American politician also started the war of polarizing and regrouping of entire world.

Eventually, the  proxy battle has been started between two major groups the democrats and the communists to hold the world power, and to dominate and control the entire world by their ideology and policy.

If you look back post Second World War, the world was also divided between two major powers the US and the USSR.

There was always a power tussle to be a supreme world leader.  Both were powerful states with nuclear-armed so the direct war was aborted.

However, the proxy war had always been fought till the USSR was dissolved and disintegrated.

In Afghanistan a long proxy war was fought and finally the Russian were defeated and left Afghanistan.

Pakistan played a major role by helping American to fight to Russian, in a tough terrain Afghanistan which is still almost invincible to any country.

Pakistan’s ISI a secret service trained a number of Jihadist groups in Pakistan came from all across world especially from middle-east to fight a” Holy War” against the USSR.

Training and weapons to fight against Russian in Afghanistan was funded by American government.

The real war was between the US and the USSR and rest world or jihadi group trained by Pakistan ISI was just a puppet of CIA or American government obeying instruction coming from high command and turning Pakistan into Jihadist factory to benefit American.

The Pakistan an ailing and weak economy ruled indirectly by mighty top Army folks availed this opportunity thrown by American government by funding Pakistan internally & externally for its own purpose defeating Russian in Afghanistan.

The Pakistan Army top official mostly from ISI who were involved in training of Jihadi fighting against Russian in Afghanistan went through major transformation in terms of making money or creating wealth and assets.

Even the majority of Pakistani remained poor and distressed, had no access to funding given by the American to fight against the USSR.

As during battle a large numbers of weapons cost in billion were produced, procured, supplied and transported in Afghanistan by involvement of Pakistan Army.

To maximizing the profit, a full and prolonged support was provided to American by Pakistan Army . “It was like a you scratch my back I will scratch yours”

In conclusion, Pakistan Army fully utilized and availed the cold war situation between the US and the USSR for their own favours and monetary benefits.

However, post the USSR disintegration the terrorism, jihadist or militia groups backfired Pakistan and it became very hard for Pakistan to patronizing them for a longer period without having constant funding from the US.

Gradually Pakistan has shifted these Jihadi groups into proxy war fighting against India in Kashmir for justifying their existence & funding to its public.

Now, the situation has been completely changed, earlier during cold war India was totally kept sidelined by the USA.

However, now India has been totally transformed itself.

A nation over one billion population has the biggest public mandate ever in history and ruling by a strong and stable government.

India is the biggest market all across the world having largest population of youth. India is a service sector oriented country and a hub for top tech-giant companies.

Therefore, the wind has changed and entire world including America start supporting and advocating India in an unprecedented diplomatic manner.

America knows the importance of India in Asia region using India diplomatically against China to stop its trade and communism expansion worldwide as they utilized Pakistan in past to stop the USSR.

China promoting debt-driven economy by providing a huge loan to poor and underdeveloped countries and indirectly making them slave by capturing their resources and leveraging its worldwide expansion by a whopping debt-trapped policy.

Strong US-India relations are worrying China, so indirectly patronizing Pakistan to fight proxy war against India.

Overall now the question is can India leverage the cold war situation going on between the US and China like Pakistan did in the past.

India is a spiritual and peacemaking country and world see India as a brand ambassador of peace and harmony.

Therefore, no questions of training of armed-forced using against China or patronizing armed force or militia groups.

However, Indian youth have high potential to turn India into manufacturing hub currently dominated by China, Vietnam , Philippine & Taiwan.

During current Corona virus situation, the entire worlds have been observing the dominance and monopoly of China in world trade and essential supplies.

The goods supply chain was severely hit during Corona virus from China worldwide and big corporates are looking for alternatives.

The USA has already threaten China by imposing new trade sanctions, delisting chines company from American share market, stop buying chines goods.

Therefore, it could be a good opportunity for India to establish manufacture unit in India and fulfill the demand of consumers worldwide.

Make in India process should also be strengthened to avail this once-a-life time opportunity arising due to on going cold war situation and Corona virus spreading.

It is not going to be easy as China has been constantly producing world’s cheapest goods and also delivering the same worldwide especially in under-developed country which could not afford high- quality expensive goods due to weak economy and low demand.

Producing high quality goods in huge quantity along with lower cost would be really challenging for India. 

As at present, there is a huge demand of Chines products in India due to its low cost and all time easy availability.

Indian love use and throw goods instead buying expensive high-quality durable products unlike American and Europeans.

Needless to say that India is a service and agriculture driven & dominated economy.

Setting up large numbers of factories, manufacturing huge quantity of goods, infusing huge capital inflow in economy, controlling red-tapism and corruption would not be easy for Government of India to initiate this process.

However, Indian are known for their never give up attitude, grasping and adjusting with odd circumstance quickly and fit in anywhere in any condition.

The trade and cold war between US-China brings a golden opportunity for India to turn the country into manufacturing hub and generate millions of required employment to develop the life of common man by providing them basic amenities.

Now it is up to public and politician whether they make or break this golden opportunity by implementing it in a better way or just promoting rhetoric jingoism.

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