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Boys Locker Room- Augmented Indecency & Obscenity in Teenager

Boys Locker Room- Augmented Indecency & Obscenity in Teenager

A student of class 12 was arrested by Delhi Police in charging of admin of a group called “Bois Locker Room”, obscene & morphed pictures of teenage girls were being circulated on different platform from this vulgar chat room.

Astonishingly, some boys were under 14 indulged in such a shameful act being unnoticed by their parents.

They discussed gang-rape, slut-shamed, body image & appearances and other objectionable subject by taking chat screenshot and circulated it on the group. 

The chat room was exposed by a girl whose pix were also used on chat room for sex chat and amusement.

Police are still questioning to head of admin to get more information of this network. A real toll of group members is still unknown.

This is shocking news for unaware parents who believe that morally their kids just focus on studying and far away from dark web activities.

Parenting is a great challenge for working-class in transforming India.

They have been so busy in outer and corporate world and pay no heed to changed and peculiar behavior of  growing children.

 Online creepy discussion on gang-raping and Sexualization by these teenagers is indeed worrisome for parents and a great concerned for teaching authority as well. .

Today’s internet is easily, widely and cheaply available to all including adolescent.

There is no strict guideline for safeguarding and protecting adolescent from such a dark web activity and often sex-curiosity and innocence trapped them in that vicious circle.

An illicit and adult material is easily available to underage just by declaring they are above 18, so there is no strident censorship to access adult material.

In India, porn-binge watching has been sharply increased due to cheap internet data and facilitated internet services.

The adult or X-rated material/video is also being watched/read by a large number of underage in absence of strict parenting.

In western culture predominately, the woman is seen as an object to be used or consumed.

In western capitalist society where every products to be sold by hook or crook. 

The women are seen as a sex object in most advertisement to allure and entice customer and to make a quick sell. However, In India women were regarded, respected and they were empowered in ancient time.

But, In recent time same western trend has been started in India as well,  treating women as a sex object , exploiting and using their body to sell the products. 

Therefore, woman-oriented advertisement makes us all including innocent teenager body-conscious and deeply sexual oriented.

Consequently, some teenager indulge in making derogatory and objectionable remarks and comments about underage girls.

On Instagram, most of the celebrity or well-known people generally just prompting and showing their body and sexy figure which also affecting teenager mind and transforming their thoughts towards women in a deeper way.

Indian culture is still totally different from western culture and sex is still not openly discussed in our society.

In terms of sex education, we are still far behind from developed country. 

Therefore, first and foremost a robust system to be formed for sex education, so that teenager could be guided to not  get the sex information from unethical sources which could put them into jeopardy both physically & mentally.

Teenagers mind is like a clean slate and need a proper guidance to transforming in a proper manner.

A comprehensive policy to be made to protecting and safeguarding naïve adolescent from dark web world. In India, spiritually, we are taught to be a soul-conscious rather than a body-conscious.

Therefore, it is a duty of parents and teachers to guide teenagers and provide proper candid sexual and spiritual teaching to make them come out of confusing mode. 

A strong message should be given from high forum that body , look and appearance should not be parameters to judge or compare to a person. 

As currently, teenagers are so body-conscious that they just focus on body, look and think that society is going to accept or reward them basis on their look and appearance.

However, they must be guided to become a good and responsible citizens by constantly indulging and growing on education, career , helping-society and country oriented activities  to live a prosper, foster and  a long-lasted peaceful life.

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