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Attaining Spirituality Through Unconventional Techniques

Attaining Spirituality Through Unconventional Techniques

A world famous spiritual mentor Osho (Rajneesh ) written a controversial book  Sex to Super-consciousness .

The book becomes very famous worldwide and people discussed or criticized the book in different manner according to their perception.

Sexuality and spirituality both are totally opposite in conventional Hindu scripture.. 

it is said (Jaha Hai Ram, Waha Nahi Kaam) mean God and lust cannot go hand in hand.

Sexuality represents lowest chakra muladhar and spirituality represents highest sahasrara chakra.

The spiritual journey starts from muladhar chakara and end in sahasrara chakra.  

Muladhara Chakra pertains to breathing, drinking, sleeping, eating, having sex and other day to day activities essential for survival.

All these activities are related to physical body.

However, attaining higher charka journey trigger by soul-consciousness through meditation and you need a perfect and seasoned master for a proper guidance.

Apart from conventional methods Osho emphasized on a new method stating that first identify and have wisdom about sexuality  in a deeper way, as sex is the most powerful energy within human being  and driving the entire world including animals as well for generation and production.

Spiritual path cannot be attained just by passing or suppressing sexual energy . 

The most powerful energy either uplifted in upper chakra or to be released through sexual activities, but by suppressing it, the repercussions could be really dangerous. 

In conventional spiritual method emphasis given to celibacy and sheer ignorance of sexual thoughts. 

However, Osho contradicted and stated that in ancient time the erotic sculptures in the Khajuraho temples were built for meditator. These are only built on outer layer of the temple.

Surprisingly, there is no such sculpture inside the temple. Initially, the meditators had to see or thinking about these erotic sculptures constantly while meditating unless the mind used to accept these images in a comfortable way. 

Subsequently, once the insight is approved that sexuality is also the part of our existence.  

The meditators would enter the inside of the temple and higher chakra journey would start elatedly & unforcefully .

It is a unique method to overcome the curiosity of confusing mind towards sexuality.  Once lower chakra is balanced the sexual energy can be channelized to upper chakra.

After, seeing these erotic sculptures constantly, mind would get quickly saturated and it would be easy for mind to usher in next chakra without suppressing or expressing sexual energy. 

For spiritual seekers it was unprecedented and beyond conventional methods.

Therefore, suppressing or expressing sexual energy could be hindrance in spiritual path.

However, just transforming the sexual energy upwards is a pragmatic approach in an unconventional spiritual world.

In unconventional spiritual world there is no place for biased duality.

All good or bad, lower or higher and sexual or spiritual all related to that almighty God, so ignorance, bypassing, suppression,  oppression, expression, discrimination is not a viable option.

You must go through a deep transformation  among all these powerful energy and find your way being non-dual  which is also a form of God almighty beyond our imagination.

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